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    Level completed: 67%,
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    Mines, Binds, and Heinous Crimes (OPEN)

    ((This thread is open to all. It takes place just outside Stonevale after a series of missing persons have been reported. Most of them are females between the age of 13-19. They disappear at night with sounds of a struggle and signs of a break in. Small humanoid tracks and traces of blood lead to a mineshaft that had been condemned due to risk of collapse. Residents of Stonevale have posted a public summons for anyone capable in all inns, pubs, and town square bulletin boards.))

    “She seems strong.” Alyssa heard the whisper as she took a long drink of water to wash down the last of her meal. The meter long, futuristic rifle lay propped against the pub’s counter top partially against her stool. The bartender looked up through stern brows to the young blonde. He made himself busy with a clean cloth twisting endlessly in the same beer stein and nodded off toward two young boys in the corner.

    The homunculus glanced over her shoulder with a single verdant eye. Both boys quickly turned away their stares, but didn’t blush, laugh, or smile. Alyssa raised a curious brow, for both boys looked concerned. Even desperate.

    “Don’t pay them much mind,” spoke the bartender in a low, gravelly voice. Alyssa turned back to him as he took away her empty plate. “They’ve been here for weeks trying to beg newcomers for help with something our town guard should be handling. They’re good boys.”

    “Handle what?” The gunner asked while she pressed a clean napkin against her lips.

    The bartender turned his back to her as he spoke and began cleaning her dish. “I’m surprised.” Alyssa set down her napkin and slid from her stool. “The posters are all over the damn place. A public display of incompetence.”

    “Posters?” Alyssa slung the heft of her rifle over her shoulder with a thud against her back. She pulled up both of the thigh holsters for her pistols to get them back into a comfortable position before she looked back toward the boys.

    “At least half a score of kids their age have gone missing. One of them is their sister. They’ve been here every day since she’s gone missing half a moon ago.” The barkeep snapped the towel off his shoulder and dried the plate clean before he placed it back atop a mountainous stack. “Posters have been asking for any information or help in finding them.”

    “I see...” Alyssa felt her chest tighten with empathy for their loss. How terrible it must be to not know where your loved ones are, or if they are still alive? Her slender, gloved hand reached through her long strands of blonde to gently graze the Damascus ear cuff that once brought her the comforting voices of her loved ones.

    “That’ll be five copper, miss.” The voice of the barkeep brought her back and Alyssa took a deep breath of reality. She shook her head that she nearly dined and dashed. In a few seconds, she slapped a gold piece on the counter and the toothpick in the barkeep’s teeth shifted to the other side of his mouth. He made eye contact with her and stopped himself from speaking when he saw the pained expression on her face.

    “Thank you.” Her gloom broke into a warm smile. The barkeep only nodded before taking his very generous tip.

    Alyssa approached the two boys who silently watched her as she came their way. She took a half squat opposite of them with elbows on the table and hands folded into one another.

    “Hey there boys, I’m Alyssa,” she greeted. “You can call me Ms. Snow.”

    They remained silent as they looked at one another, concern clear on their faces and hope hid behind worry.

    “What is your sister’s name?”

    “Ayesha,” softly muttered the younger of the two before the elder boy nudged his brother.

    “Ayesha, huh? What a pretty name. What does she look like?”

    “Are you going to help find her or not?” The elder boy suddenly took a stern voice, cutting straight to the point. Alyssa knew it was a show for his younger brother. Toughness in the face of adversity despite the clear fear in his body language.

    “Well, yes. Her and the other missing people. I am a hero after all.” Alyssa stood up and tugged on her rifle. The mere mention of the word lit a fire in the eyes of the younger boy.

    “Really?!” he exclaimed, easily impressed. Hard not to be with such unique weapons and gear littered all over the homunculus’s body. The elder boy sharply turned his head to berate his sibling, but saw the glow of hope she gave him.

    “Yup,” Alyssa playfully stuck a half effort pose. “Stopped a really powerful witch and her whole forest of evil monsters once!”

    “She’s our older sister,” interjected the eldest boy. “She has hair like yours and blue eyes.”

    “Ayesha with blonde hair and blue eyes,” Alyssa repeated with a smile. “Alright then. I’ll go try and find her. When I do, I’ll come find you here. Sound good?”

    The youngest boy nodded, much happier than he was moments ago. The eldest, however, turned his eyes to the table. Alyssa bowed slightly and turned toward the door.

    “Ms. Snow,” the eldest called out. Alyssa turned to him and met his concerned look. “Just...”

    He searched for the words after looking to his brother.

    “Just come back, okay?” His words held weight. Alyssa glanced to the bartender who silently confirmed her suspicions. She wasn’t the first to offer aid and others either were among the missing or left the boys with false hopes. Awful, either way.

    “I will,” Alyssa confidently replied.

    And she began her way outside.
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