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    Level completed: 49%,
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    Tobias Ebericht Stalt
    Human, Dehlosian

    Tobias Level 9 - Blade of the East (Tobes likes men)

    The horrors of the Sway left Tobias a shell of himself.

    Unable to cope with the wounds deeply ingrained in his soul, the mercenary left behind everything and everyone in the West. Friends he grew with and bonds he forged were cast aside without so much as a word. When he returned home, his father welcomed him with open arms.

    Dehlos was a world away from the West and its wars, but still managed to have its own issues. The Mercenary Guild happily hired the sellsword and put him to work. He fended off Orc raids and guided caravans safely across the continent of Kebiras, but his journey did more than line his pockets.

    In his isolation, Tobias learned to heal.

    He came to understand himself, and rejected what the Ethereal Sway twisted him into. He left behind killing like a monster and wore a kinder, albeit more reserved face. The jovial youth who went out into the world was dead. In place of his former self, Tobias became a hunter.

    The man sought treasure. Mythical and legendary treasures, the sort that beggared belief. He amassed a collection of weapons that won him the title "Sword Hunter," and became notorious in Dehlos for seeking magical blades and the lore surrounding them.

    Armed with a series of skills honed over his absence from the West, Tobias returned to Radasanth in answer to a summons from a mysterious entity who claimed to seek freedom for Corone.

    Tobias had learned his lesson about those types, but it was important that he give his answer in person...


    The Scourge of Salvar: Tobias was twisted and shaped by the machinations of the Ethereal Sway. His mind will never forget the horrors he saw there, or the terrible things he did. He has extensive knowledge of Magic and Demons, knows how to seek such things out, and understands how to face them.

    Far from Home: Having traveled the world now for over a decade and a half, Tobias has been seasoned by many cultures and is completely aware of how to fit in wherever he goes. He is able to pick up on subtle cultural tendencies and taboos easily, and can virtually seem like a local anywhere in the world.

    Treasure Hunter: His guilty pleasure and the nature of much, if not all of the work he does anymore, Tobias is foremost a seeker of lost fortunes and ancient troves. He has an affinity for anyone who utters the word treasure, eager to learn more.

    Mythical Blademaster: Stories tell of his exploits in the East. Whether or not they are true, Tobias' mastery of the blade is unquestionable. Few men the world over can rival his swordplay, and he actively seeks out those who can to pay tribute to their skills and to test his own.


    Treasure Hunter: Tobias has earned his renown as a dungeon diver and treasure hunter in the East, and now seeks the mysteries of the Western World. He has an innate understanding of caves and hidden caches, and can tell when there are traps or obstacles.

    With some study he is able to disarm complex traps, and he is able to pick average locks with no difficulty.

    Once he has traversed a dungeon, he has an intuitive sense of direction for navigating it again, including how to leave the way he came, or to traverse it again at a different time.

    He has a good sense of where treasure is, almost to the point where it's been said he has a nose for it. This gives him a 20% bonus to GP in threads.

    Mugenjin (無限刃): While traveling the world, Tobias has learned many strange, exciting, and astounding things. One of these things was a method of channeling his life energy into movements and enhancing the potency of his weaponry. An Akashiman word meaning "Blade from the Abyss," it has truly terrifying applications:

    School of Fire

    Hotaru (蛍) "Firefly" - By simply channeling warmth and oxygen through his circulatory system into his movements, Tobias is able to generate extreme heat that can enhance the cutting power of his blade to that of Icemold for 2 posts or ten seconds, whichever passes first in Role-playing time. If the blade is lower than titanium tier, it risks warping from the intensity of the ability. The blade will glow white hot while the ability is in effect. Because of how hot the blade becomes for this ability, it can only be used once per thread or the blade will be ruined.

    Hokyuu (呼吸) "Breath" - A byproduct of the superheating of his blade, as the weapon rapidly cools after Hotaru, the residual heat causes steam to billow from the blade for five posts or twenty five seconds, whichever occurs quicker in role-playing time. This steam can cause second degree burns, and touching the blade before it cools can cause third degree burns. Hotaru must be used before this ability can take effect.

    Suzaku (朱雀) "Phoenix" - Similar means to Hotaru, but with a different medium- Tobias exhales sharply and diffuses the heat from his weapon without storing it. If Hotaru is in effect, Suzaku will immediately end the current effect to occur. The heat substantiates around Tobias in a 3m area, consuming everything around him (but away from his body and the blade) in a firestorm. This fire is capable of melting Titanium, and consumes the oxygen in a given area to feed itself. The inferno will last for a round of posts before dying out. Tobias cannot move while the firestorm rages, or he is at risk of being caught in the blaze. This ability can be used four times per thread.

    Burning Soul: Training has given Tobias a strong constitution and improved his overall health. Because of his control of the energy in his body, sickness and disease are quickly burned away before they can take root and debilitate him. In addition, his bloodstream quickly metabolizes poisons and renders them ineffective. (Immune to sickness/disease and poisoning.)

    School of Earth

    Jishin (地震) "Earthquake" - By steadying himself and channeling his immense endurance through his blade, Tobias is granted the ability to sunder the world itself. Thrusting his blade into the ground will cause an area around him for 10m to upheave and tremor violently, causing calamitous damage to buildings and infrastructure. He can use this ability four times in a thread.

    Steadfast: Tobias is unflinching in the face of the enemy. His training has grounded him, and attempts to rob him of balance are ineffectual. In addition, even when faced with an opponent of greater physical strength, he is able to retain control of his weapons with practicised grips and responses. Thus, he is immune to being disarmed.

    Sturdy: Attempts to overpower him are met with similar skillful movements: due to his immense agility and his training, he has an opportunity to respond in close range at an advantage.

    Dauntless: Tobias has transcended pain. Through flame and whip, knife and nail, his body has been punished beyond breaking. Each time, the broken man stood once more. Tobias can continue to fight even with normally incapacitating wounds. Broken bones will slow him, but not stop. He will endure through the loss of limbs or critical wounds until his body is unable to function.

    School of Water

    Flow of Conflict: Tobias' years of extensive and varied training have given him the uncanny ability to watch, read, and quickly learn from both allies and enemies alike. After Tobias sees a movement or power, he commits it immediately to memory and factors it into his responses. He is better able to respond against a move he has seen before, making his response time, evasion, and counter attacking capabilities much higher. Additionally, he is able to discern the effects of a power he has seen or been affected by before.

    School of Air

    Tekoe (低声) "Whisper" - Tobias relaxes his body and surrounds himself with a calm that permeates the area for a millimeter around his flesh. Within that area, no sound can escape or enter, rendering abilities that require hearing ineffective. In addition to this, the gentle breeze created by this effect soothes his wounds, causing negligible wounds to close, minor wounds to become negligible, and major wounds to become minor. This can stabilize him in a compromising situation, however it cannot return him from death.

    Arashi (嵐) "Storm" - By rapidly drawing a blade and exhaling a deep breath, Tobias can evoke a wicked gust of wind capable of uprooting a deeply rooted tree. It travels for 20m before dying down to a normal breeze, and rips up any dirt or objects at ground level in its path, sending them flying. This can be performed four times in a thread.

    Raijin (雷神) "Thunder God" - In more recent times, experts studying the human body have recognized a subtle electrical current that flows through it. Tobias became aware from a traveler through the Dehlosian bazaar and seized the opportunity to study the implications of this on his swordsmanship. By funneling his natural current through his blade and letting the metal conduct it, he is able to electrify the blade. This heats the weapon in a similar manner to Hotaru, but not to the same extreme. Instead of enhancing the cutting power, he is able to send high voltage through anything he strikes. This effect dissipates after three posts or fifteen seconds of role-playing time, and can be used three times in a thread.

    Lightning Reflexes: Tobias can move at breakneck speeds on a whim; though his running speed is nothing special, his reaction time is incredible. Quicker than most men blink, he can move faster than a "shot from the hip". (Can't dodge a bullet, but is incredibly hard to aim at if he knows he's being fired on) At close range, his hands can move faster than the eye can follow. He can stab with a blade 10 times in the time it takes most men to do so once.

    School of the Void

    Mugetsu (無月) "Moonless Night" - Tobias taps into his own energy to affect the world around him, cutting with his blade into the fabric of reality. A pocket dimension opens within the wake of the blade and remains open for three seconds (the duration of the post and the opponent's response, no longer), drawing in any matter it comes into contact with via a powerful vacuum. The alternate reality is devoid of light and air, a literal Void. This ability can be used four times in a thread.


    Calm: A Mithril Long knife that glows a pale color, this weapon has the ability to weaken or distort the flow of mana. When it cuts someone, magic cannot move through the afflicted area for 2 minutes. In addition, if they are repeatedly cut, they can temporarily lose their ability to cast at all. Areas that have been cut off in this way feel numb and are difficult to use properly.

    Cold: A Mithril Long knife that glows the color of winter, it's enchantment starts as a chill in the blood. It moves along the bloodstream and chills the extremities, causing flesh to discolor and numb. Ultimately, if the magic reaches the heart, the body will stop and the victim will die.

    Ruin: 1: The Ethereal nature of the blade allows it to phase through solid matter. A single layer of any metal armor will not halt it, but it will cut immediately into anything beyond that layer. Additionally, it can phase through a single weapon in the path to its target. If it does this, it will not pass through any armor afterward.

    This effect is reset for consecutive swings. One could pass through a blade and ricochet off armor plate, then attack again to achieve the desired effect. Obviously, the target would be free to defend themselves, but the confusion of their attack being ignored would most likely cause them to falter.

    2: Anything that is cut by it is disrupted at the cellular level. This is achieved by the fluctuating mana that circulates through Ruin. The area around the wound does not heal naturally, and so bleeding will not stop and wounds will fester.

    The blade is Titanium.

    The Blade of Hunter Colo: If this weapon draws blood from someone, they are marked. It can feel them and actively seeks their presence within 20 km. (Limit: 5 marks at a time). The blade is iron.

    Greed. A golden rapier, forged by a Dwarven Swordsmith. Cursed, it has the following abilities:
    Flash- three times per thread, it can glow brightly and blind anyone unfortunate enough to be looking at it (including the bearer.) (This also has a one post cool down)
    Midas Touch: five times per thread, if the bearer wills it, whatever the tip of the blade makes contact with turns to gold (delyn strength) This only occurs in 30cm patches around the point of impact, but can be used tactically. (These patches will crumble away after two posts) The downside to this ability is that the user feels a loss of warmth from their soul. The blade is of Delyn quality.

    Stone Edge: A slate grey long sword marked with an intricate geometric pattern down the middle. The mysterious stone material used in its construction is as hard as titanium and always cold to the touch. The longer the blade is drawn from its sheath the more energy it amasses. Beware however, this blade does not suffer fools. If this blade is drawn too long without drawing blood it will punish the wielder. To fulfil this requirement, Stone Edge must be the cause of the blood being drawn, either from the blade or its abilities. The time and effects are:
    Post 1: Nothing
    Post 2: Stone Edge can shoot two quartz (steel strength) arrows in quick succession from its tip with the force of a crossbow bolt.
    Post 3: If no blood has been drawn, spikes of stone the same strength as the blade burst from the grip, impaling the hands of whomever is holding it. If the spikes fail to draw blood they will stay out until blood is drawn. The additional effects and post count of the blade are paused until this occurs.
    Post 4: Stone Edge can shoot five quartz arrows in quick succession.
    Post 5: Stone Edge fires two dozen arrows into the air at a target within 100 metres. The arrows arch through the air quickly and come down in a ten metre circle around the target. This only works if there is a fifteen metre clearance above the wielder and target.
    Post 6: If no blood is drawn in post 4 or 5 a dozen arrows are fired from the blade at the wielder. If these arrows do not draw blood, the sword will become extremely heavy and unusable for three posts.

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    EXP: 108,788, Level: 14
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    Level completed: 32%,
    EXP required for next Level: 10,212

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