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    Niko Donovan

    Niko Donovan

    Niko Donovan

    Age: Nineteen

    Race: Fae

    Height: 6'1

    Weight: 130

    Occupation: Traveler
    Personality: Niko is as eager as she is young, thrilled by the concept of exploring Althanas. Having done very little adventuring, she is likely to jump head-first into any situation. Though she has a good head on her shoulders, she's easily caught up in the moment, and occasionally makes questionable decisions. She's very kind, defaulting to seeing the good in everyone and everything. She is incredibly social, quick to forge connections and place her trust in others. Of course, this makes her especially vulnerable. Niko has much to learn, and will remain quite gullible until she understands how the world works.

    History: Raised in the beautiful Donnalaich, Niko rarely ventured outside the city. Why would she need to? The home of the Fae, tucked neatly away on it's own island, was all the girl really needed. She attended school, spent time with her parents, and had a very privileged upbringing. Of course, from an outsider's perspective, it was somewhat sheltered. But it was far better than what her people had come from. Niko's ancestors lived in a community within Fiorair Rainforest, constantly battling the elements, vicious beasts, and invading adventurers. It was an easy decision for them to relocate to Donnalaich, and aide in the rebuilding efforts. There, they settled in their own district, and have kept mainly to themselves. Their color-based magic has been passed down, most children receiving one, perhaps two. While they are kind to the other Fae, the people of the now-failed Donovan city have stuck together by adopting a shared surname.

    Niko grew used to her routine, especially considering her magical abilities had not yet revealed themselves. Though she kept up an optimistic front, she was beginning to worry they never would. On the morning of her nineteenth birthday, however, Niko awoke to find her white hair streaked with the colors of the rainbow. Her magic had arrived, and it was far greater than she could have imagined. Niko was the Chosen, able to manipulate magic of all colors. There was one Chosen every generation, and becoming one meant that her destiny was entirely rewritten.

    Now, Niko is tasked with adventuring across Althanas, learning all eight colors: black, white, orange, blue, green, red, yellow, and purple. In order to unlock her unique abilities, she must surround herself with the color. Whatever that means. Each Chosen's journey is different from the one before, but rumor is that if a Chosen is killed before mastering all the colors, the line will end. There will be no more Chosen, and perhaps the Donovan's color magic will cease to exist.

    Appearance: Niko shares the traits of the Fae, and the Donovan clan. Her body is long and willowy, and she moves with natural grace. Her skin is on the lighter side, and the freckles that dot her pale cheeks shimmer just a bit. Hair as white as Salvar's snow hangs to the middle of her back, and her eyes are the sharp silver-blue of the glaciers. She opts for loose-fitting clothes in natural colors, but enjoys experimenting with local fashion. When she uses her magic, streaks of the corresponding color appear in her hair. When that color begins to ring her pupils, however, she's running the risk of overtaxing herself.

    • Adventurer: Eager to see the world, and determined to learn the Chosen's magic, Niko is incredibly dedicated. Everything she does is driven by these desires.
    • Social: Niko is anything but shy. She makes friends easily, even when the situation does not call for it. She's likable, and knows how to talk to people.
    • Hand to Hand Combat: Without magical abilities to practice, Niko turned her attention to her physical prowess. She is well versed in hand to hand combat.
    • Physically Fit: Years of martial arts training has kept Niko's body in top form. She is strong, fast, and has exceptional stamina.

    • Calming Aura: Niko is able to calm negative emotions within another person or animal.
      x Conditions: The target must be a willing participant, open to being calmed. She can affect one person or animal at a time.
      x Duration: Two hours.
      x Cooldown: None.

    • Spatial Shift: Niko can shift to a different plane of existence. She is unable to interact with anything in the physical plane, meaning weak to moderate attacks go through her, and she can walk through walls or closed doors. She also disappears from view. Very powerful attacks still strike, especially when the foe knows where she is.
      x Conditions: For the time being, Niko does not have full control of the ability. She occasionally shifts between planes against her will.
      x Duration: Ten minutes maximum, though she rarely reaches that at this point.
      x Cooldown: One hour.
    • Shadow Puppet: Niko is able to control her shadow, sending it toward a target, be it a living being or inanimate object. She can detonate it on cue, with the force of a small explosion. This might severely injure an opponent, or blow up a door, for example.
      x Conditions: She can control one shadow at a time. A shadow must be present, so there must be a light source (either natural or artificial).
      x Cooldown: When her previous shadow returns.

    • Glowing Orb: Niko is able to summon up to two baseball-sized orbs of light. She can hold them in her hand, or stick them to a nearby surface.
      x Duration: Five minutes, or when she cancels them.
      x Cooldown: When her previous orbs expire.

    • Leather bag.
    • Two changes of clothes.
    • A sizable amount of gold from her parents.
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    Hey there, welcome to the world Niko.

    Haven't seen many Fae around, it's nice to have a fresh new type of story to watch out for. As for your abilities, you're right on the nose for approval.


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