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    Ravosh Steeltusk

    Ravosh Steeltusk Level 1: A Storm Brews

    Name- Ravosh Steeltusk

    Age-About twenty or so years

    Gender: Angry

    Race: Orc

    Height: A towering seven feet tall

    Weight: Somewhere between 300 and 400 depending on how much he’s drank recently

    Eye Color: Steely Grey

    Hair Color: Red

    Skin Color: A dark Jade

    Homeland: The northern reaches of Salvar

    Occupation: Sellsword/Hired Hand

    Ravosh is a rather interesting individual, with a varied and multi faceted nature. His temperament swings somewhere between taciturn and jolly, depending on which side of the bed he woke up on. Some days he might be willing to crack a joke or two between ripping his foes heads off their bodies, other days he’d probably tell you to fuck yourself between fights. Those who get to know him better run the better odds of not getting chewed up, but he’s not generally the most pleasant man to be around.

    In terms of motivations, he is rather simple minded looking to Fight, Feast, and Fuck. Whatever road will take him to the best fight that lines his pockets with enough gold to take care of the other two is the one he will seek to travel.

    Standing at about seven feet tall, Ravosh is a towering mountain of Jade, a fact he is quite proud of. He styles his dress to flaunt his figure, often forgoing a shirt or if he absolutely must he will throw on a vest or button up shirt and leave it open. His body is covered in a myriad of scars from an endless number of battles, each having their own story.

    His face is somewhere between brutish looking and surprisingly handsome for that of an orc. He boasts a slight underbite due to the tusks that jut from his lower jaw, but it only seems to serve to highlight how strong his jawline is. His face is surprisingly free from scars, although his nose seems to have been broken in several places and never set quite properly. He does his best to keep his face clean shaven, although crimson whiskers do have a tendency to make an appearance should he be slipping. His hair is ridiculously long, trailing down his back like a stream of fire, ending at about midback. He often keeps this hair free, but on occasion he has been known to have it braided or to throw it back in a simple ponytail so it gets out of his way.

    Ravosh was born to a clan of Orcs in the far north, living a harsh life in the frozen wastes. His father was a great chief, his mother was a powerful huntress. On the day of his birth, the shamans of the clan claimed he had “A Storm Brewing in his Blood”

    He spent his whole life with this storm hanging over him. He was a large boy, and greatness was expected of him from everyone around him. When he first picked up an axe at the age of eight, he swung with the force of a grown orc. This only raised the expectations for him, he had to be the strongest fighter in all of the clan. He had to be the next chieftain, he would lead his people south and bring them prosperity. He would cleave them a new home, a new era of peace.

    He grew tired of it though. Having to carry the elders of his tribe on his shoulders, so to speak. Dealing with everyone around him, all of his “Family,” how weak they were. Why would he have any reason to carve them a paradise they had not earned? One day, while on a raiding party with his father and a few of his brothers, he snapped. The Storm that had been brewing in his blood erupted, and soon he was surrounded by nothing but ice and the carnage he had wrought on friend and foe alike. He took his spoils and decided to head south, quitting the cold and looking for greener pastures.

    Mildly Literate- Ravosh was not taught how to read and write by his clan, but it is something he has mildly managed to pick up on.

    Handy- Ravosh is capable of most basic maintenance tasks. He can somewhat sew, tie rope, cook (although you’ll find he cooks by burning most things) sail, metalwork, and woodwork. It’s all mediocre in quality, but serviceable.

    Expert Asskicker- Ravosh speaks Chopneese, he is good with an Axe, Hammer, and Spear. One could call all his skill with said weapons as above average.

    Strength of the Storm-
    Ravosh bears with him the might of an immutable force within his blood. He is impossibly strong, capable of feats of inhuman strength. Compared to the average man, he is six times as strong, the force from his blows could be considered staggering.

    Swift Strikes-
    Ravosh is about three times as fast as the average man when it comes to striking. The untrained might have a hard time following some of the movements of his blows. Similarly, he can change weapons with incredible speed. He can swap weapons with grace, often leading him to striking twice with one weapon and swapping to another for the final blow.

    Storm Surge-
    Ravosh is twice as fast as the average man when it comes to raw running potential. In a dead sprint he can hit speeds of up to twenty miles per hour, even more impressively he is capable of accelerating twice as fast as the average person.

    A Mountain of Jade-
    Ravosh is capable of taking about three times the amount of abuse as the average person. His stamina is incredible, and while he is not harder to injure (yet), he is capable of dealing with a great amount of pain before succumbing to his injuries.

    Iron Earthbreaker- A massive two handed hammer with a maul that requires a large amount of strength to swing.

    Iron Butchers Axe- Similar to the earthbreaker, but with a sharpened edge that cuts with extreme power behind the strike.

    Iron Spear- Its for stabbin

    Comfy leather boots- Made for walkin

    Simple Rucksack- Filled with basics like a small iron knife (For functional purposes not stabbing), about ten feet of rope, a canteen, a flint and iron bar for fire starting, a canteen, and a blanket.

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