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    EXP: 24,602, Level: 6
    Level completed: 66%, EXP required for next Level: 2,398
    Level completed: 66%,
    EXP required for next Level: 2,398

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    Nosdyn ~level 6~

    (Note: Since I apparently am the worst the ting that has ever happened to this site now...I want you guys to take your time with this profile since I now apparently have to wait months for my profiles anyway. All changes, which won't be much, will be in bold. Thank you in advanced for whoever takes this up and puts up with me. So you guys are aware that "title" a certain someone gave me I am going to wear like a badge now going forward. Updates in bold )

    Level 5

    Level 4

    ~Name: Nosdyn Krotar

    ~Race: Exiled Demon/Champion of N'Jal

    ~Height: 5'9"/1.75M

    ~Weight: 260 lbs./118 kgs

    ~Job Class: Champion of N'Jal

    ~Eye Colour: Yellow/Amber/Goldish

    ~Vice: Wrath

    ~Virtue: Justice

    Level 5 Appearance: Years have passed. Nosdyn now appears older and wiser for his tribe...back home, on The Tular Plains...he would have been an Elder of his people. He has a slightly darker blue skin tone than he had in previous years, his eyes have become etched with experience at that point, and have a much wiser shine to them. He has an incredibly well built physical structure. He's had at least several different structures (Houses.buildings/etc) collapse completely around him. One such incident was during the times he encountered Jake Narmonalya. He is built as that of someone who can withstand incredible physical damage, a tanking style character. (No changes for level 6)

    Level 5 Personality: Times changed. Nosdyn had always been a serious and calculating person. Matters of the heart, expression, simple gestures of friendship and romance were always difficult. Ettermire changed that for him. He'd learn how to express himself from The Dark Elves, how to trust, how to not be as impulsive and rash. He'd also learned another, far darker lesson from The Dark Elves. Betrayal. (No changes for level 6)

    Skill Sheet:

    ~Leadership: Nosdyn has leadership capacity. He can make leadership decisions on the fly and oft acts a Squad Leader when the situation calls for it. Nosdyn can inspire fellow Demons to great victories against their enemies, and he can also inspire great fear in enemies.

    ~Military Tactics: Nosdyn is a tactical genius. He thinks on the fly and adapts to situations quickly but there is always room for improvement and getting better He is willing to go to great extremes to finish any job that he is hired for. Nosdyn is capable of solving problems on the fly, but his tactics are not without flaw. His mind allows him to see greatly into whatever matters at hand and think through situations that would make most cringe very few things bother him at this point.

    ~Sword Mastery: Nosdyn has mastered the use of his weapon. No other weapons or armaments interest him. Only achieving mastery in his Beam Weapon, though there are still secret arts that elude him.

    ~Horsemanship: Due to a recent need, Nosdyn has taught himself upkeep and maintenance of Horse-kind. He can ride with a great degree of skill and can push mounts with a considerable degree of success. He prefers to ride at this point. Nosdyn will sometimes use his Mantle of Fear to dominate horses in the wild and take command of them versus paying for a horse through legal/legitimate ends.

    ~Survival: Nosdyn knows advanced wilderness survival tactics often resorting to crude tactics to survive. Crude but efficient. He can survive in most wilderness settings and find basic supplies on his own.

    ~Strategist: Nosdyn is a master Strategist thanks to his military training. He comes up with tactics on the fly even in a non-military situations, on the fly but even his mind can make mistakes and miscalculations every so often.

    Ability Sheet:

    Level 5: Nosdyn and N'Jal share a strong psionic link. It is not flawless, but she can enter his mind at will and commune with him mentally. He cannot directly enter her own mind on his own just yet.

    ~Enhanced Endurance: Nosdyn has achieved 5x's the enhanced Endurance of a standard Althanas human. At this point, Nosdyn has been training how to survive incredible damage and punishment.

    ~Heightened Senses: Through his training Nosdyn has achieved heightened senses. He has roughly 3.0x's the enhanced senses of a standard Althanas human. These senses allow him to see better with some concentration, hear better and smell better also with considerable concentration. For certain acts of sensory awareness he still has to focus to sense them but for minor acts he can detect it. These acts are things such as attempting to find hidden traps and things of this nature. With extreme concentration, Nosdyn can sometimes feel when he is in danger. This applies mainly for when someone is out to kill him or something of that nature. Demon Slayers and things of that nature. It is not flawless and is mainly a quest ability. (Only update I want for this level)

    (I was going to wait to level 6 for the iron mace purchases but whatever literally fuck this update) Iron Maces

    ~Armour: Nosdyn wears full leather armour for combat. It is coloured black. He sometimes wears a cloak. Note: At this point Nosdyn is a follower of N'Jal and wears her symbols/marks on his armor now.

    ~ Iron Maces


    ~Slow: Nosdyn is not built for speed and agility. He's built to survive incredible traumas and feats of strength. Nosdyn is a tank type of character and cannot move or react quickly at all. He is a heavy and muscular individual, should his attack land. They will hurt. But his main flaw is lack of speed and agility, he will always have this hindrance.

    `-Weakness to Teleportation Magics: For whatever reason, despite his profound Endurance training, Nosdyn is adversely affected by any type of Teleportation style magic. This can situational work in PVP situations where clever players may use this to their advantage. Teleports of ANY sort which are magic based will cause Nosdyn PROFOUND pain immediately after for varying lengths of time. The longest this can last is approximately one IC hour. During which Nosdyn will be completely vulnerable to attack.

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    EXP: 410, Level: 1
    Level completed: 21%, EXP required for next Level: 1,590
    Level completed: 21%,
    EXP required for next Level: 1,590

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