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    EXP: 20,399, Level: 6
    Level completed: 6%, EXP required for next Level: 6,601
    Level completed: 6%,
    EXP required for next Level: 6,601


    Mordelain Saythrou

    il'Jhain Saythrou (Mordelain Level 6)

    Mordelain Saythrou

    Dance alone and laugh, dance with friends and the world laughs with you.

    Gender: Female
    Race: Tama
    Height: 5’12”
    Weight: 155lbs
    Eye Colour: Green
    Hair Colour: Red
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    Intelligence Quota: 112

    History: Mordelain was born on Junkyo three centuries ago. She is of the Tama, a plane walker. She witnessed the nine worlds and learnt its cultures and languages. She trained as a troubadour, judiciary and overseers of the worlds connected by the Khalithrism. Seen as gods, the Tama fell swiftly for the trappings of power and their civilization built itself up too quickly. Fate intervened.

    They reached out to another world. They failed, for Althanas was not ready. The Cataclysm destroyed a century of peace in the Khalithrism in a heartbeat. Junkyo was lost first and Mordelain fled as it exploded into a million crystalline fragments. The energy ripple tore through the vortex, and the remnants of the Troubadours become enemies and villains instead of prophets and priests.

    Mordelain has spent a century travelling the ruined worlds, speaking to its refugees and survivors and trying bitterly to reconcile their hatred of the World Walkers before it is too late to reknit the fabric of the Khalithrism. She is alone in her endeavour, and the solitude blinds and maddens her. The lure of Althanas is a powerful omen for a woman that longs for a home.

    She has spent many years wondering if the other worlds still dream about her. Though she lost her staff in a skirmish in Breed, and has slowly lost connection with some worlds in favour of others, she has slowly come to understand her place in the universe and accept the reality. The Cataclysm happened, there is no going back. Worlds died because of the arrogance of the Tama.

    Eventually she settled in Fallien. She has become an il’Jhain of the Freerunners in the Abdos of Irrakam. She has gained quite the reputation. She has found a new purpose to live for. She can do well here and perhaps she can save Fallien from itself. It was here, after all, that the Tama first realised their mistakes and the Cataclysm’s origins are buried beneath the desert sands.

    After coming to terms with her guilt, Mordelain has continued down the path of absolution. She has remembered more of her memories of the Vhadya, and traversed with Shansi, the Vagrant Thayne of Fallien, on matters of war and strife. Though her progression in the Abdos is far from over, she has earned the respect of Fallien’s people and hopes to return the favour in time.

    To advance her plans to return Fallien to its pre-Vhadya state, she killed Reva, the Harpy Queen, and used her blood to summon the Aegis Storm to the mountains to the east. She fought in the Citadel and partook in the Lornius Challenge. These trials proved useful in preparing Mordelain for the conflicts ahead. Ready to face the demons of her past, she set out in search of her mentor Coradan.

    After a long and arduous journey, she found him. Fighting over mistakes, they worked together to restore the Hydroclast network to its former glory. For the first time in centuries it rained on the island outside of monsoon season. They formed an alliance and convinced Jya to step down. Free of religious tyranny, Fallien now lies on the precipice between stagnation and revival.

    Mordelain has stepped back into the limelight whilst the fallout of her campaign unfolds. She teaches in the university, it’s long and arduous timetable a perfect distraction for her worried self. Suresh, her mentor and father figure, continues to whisper half-truths in the shadows to earn the people’s trust. Rain continues to fall. Grass grows on the Nirrakal flats. Fallien lives.


    Troubadour: Mordelain is an adept orator, dancer, singer, and storyteller. She can inspire and make other people think and reflect.

    Dervish: Mordelain knows basic combat techniques. She has above average skill with the kukri and is an expert with partisans.

    Explorer: Mordelain’s cultural and geographical knowledge is above average. She can identify dangers and heal basic diseases.

    Horse Rider: Mordelain is an above average horse rider. She can tack any horse quickly. She can treat basic equine injuries.

    Abilities: Mordelain possess the eider, a connection to the Khalithrism that allows the Tama to walk between worlds:

    · Long Jump: Mordelain must walk via an intermediary plane. Even if gone from one world for a second, the journey may take hours.

    · Blind Jump: Three times per thread, Mordelain can jump instinctively if she is in danger. She has limited control over her destination.

    · Solo Jump: Mordelain cannot plane walk another sentient being unless they give full consent.

    Physical Conditioning: Mordelain's endurance is X2 and she is X2 dexterity. Exposure to the deserts of Fallien has given her an X6 stamina modifier.


    Harb: A kukri with a spider-silk grip and sugar glass laced blade. It is able to carry poisons and similar substances with deadly efficiency.

    Tha”un: A 6-foot steel partisan with a spider-silk grip. Wounds inflict insatiable urges to drink that grows with each subsequent blow.

    Ju’’: A parchment enchanted to show Fallien to Il’Jhain. It shows how to navigate the dangers of the desert using approved Freerunner routes

    Mawt: A belt with studs to mount il’Jhain tokens that tells the wearer where north is. Two tokens currently give X0.25 boosts to hearing and sight.

    Raml: A prevalida chain with a Liviol knot surrounding a smoky diamond. The gem occupies a magnetic field, held in place with copper wire.

    · Sun: Focuses sunlight into a beam like a magnifying glass.

    · Sand: Cleanses sand poured through the loop of contaminants.

    · Sea: Purifies water at one pint per five minutes of suspension.

    · Wind: Provides 50% resistance to sandstorms for one hour per day.

    Tari-kh: A gold pocket watch that tells time on all worlds. It never slows. It requires concentration to use but helps the accuracy of planes walking.

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    EXP: 20,399, Level: 6
    Level completed: 6%, EXP required for next Level: 6,601
    Level completed: 6%,
    EXP required for next Level: 6,601


    Mordelain Saythrou
    Copy pasted from the old Foum: link to profile.

    Will re-write and format it nicely to account for new changes/new forum once I reach next level up.

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    Level completed: 37%,
    EXP required for next Level: 1,892

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    Mordelain! It's great to see you back. Welcome back! I'll go ahead and transfer your stuff from 3.1. I just have some questions for now.

    Under Skills:

    Explorer- When it says she can identify dangers and heal basic diseases, is that within the realm of a normal human, or are there supernatural capabilities?

    Under Abilities:

    Long Jump- About how far can she travel during this? How many uses?

    That's it for now. If I have more questions, I'll ask later. I'll go ahead and get to working on everything. Thanks!

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