We are pleased to announce that the new canon submission system is now live!

What is canon?

In fiction, the definition of canon is material accepted as officially part of a story in the fictional universe of that story.

How does canon work in Althanas?

Althanas is unique for a roleplaying site because it has an extensive history of events that have helped to shape the world that exists now. Previous iterations of the forum (Althanas 3.1, for instance) contain richly detailed lore, and while some pieces have been written by the staff as part of a featured quest (such as the rise and fall of Pode, and Raiaera’s near destruction), at other times material has simply been acknowledged universally by the member as existing on Althanas (past examples include member created canon such as groups like Ixian Knights, places such as Eiskalt and even specific Thayne).

Up to the end of Althanas 3.1, it was possible for members to submit content to the staff that they wanted enshrined in Althanas lore forever. This content ranged from minor things, like the introduction of an animal or quest item, to major things like new places, wars and factions. Changes that were approved could change the look and feel of a continent, or a part of it.

What changes have been made since Althanas 3.1, and how is my submission judged?

Canon is now split into two specific groups:

Althanas Legends – Any material that pre-dates the End of all Things featured quest will be canonised as “Althanas Legends”. This includes, but not is limited to, the Judge's Choice section, featured quests, tournament outcomes and places, groups and events that are generally widely accepted as existing in the Althanas timeline. There is no need to submit an application for canon for anything that falls into this bracket, as it already qualifies as canon.

Official Althanas Canon – All post-End of all Things material is eligible to be submitted as Official Althanas Canon, and all "at a glances" in each region will be updated accordingly with events from each region that qualified for this.

In both cases, it is our intention to update the wiki with Althanas Legends and Official Althanas Canon content over time. This will ensure that your creations are enshrined in the almost twenty years of Althanas’s history.

Canon submission will be judged on a common sense basis. Generally speaking, a staff member will be able to approve changes to canon without a need for a vote, but anything that borders on world changing will need a majority administrator vote. Please note that material in the canon is subject to use and change by other players.

How do I submit my canon application?

To submit your canon for consideration, please fill out the Canon Submission Form. Once submitted, the request will be looked at by a member of staff. If your application is successful, you will be notified and the relevant information will be added to the wiki and, if applicable, the “at a glance” summary of the appropriate region.