Please can you quote me for the following, taking into account that the sword itself is not enchanted in any way and any abilities this allows Shinsou will be detailed in his level 15 profile:

Name: Enpera (Perfected)
Sword type: Katana
Material: Prevailda


A Senkai Sword is the main weapon of a Telgradian warrior. It is born, and grows to maturity, with them. Their shape and abilities are based on their owner's powers, and once a Telgradian invests a portion of their power into the blade it gains a type of sentience and two distinct forms; sealed (Senkai), and released (Hakai). When released at Hakai stage, a Senkai sword allows a Telgradian to access new abilities (this is done through character abilities and is not an enchantment on the sword itself).

Enpera was the sword born with Shinsou Vaan Osiris. Though it once gave up its physical form to aid the Telgradian, Shinsou was able to re-forge it and perfect its construction. He then imbued it with his overwhelming power. In its sealed state it is ninety centimetres long, comprising a single straight-edged blade with a gold guard and grip wrapped in green cord.