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    Nuclear Ragegirl

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    Level completed: 28%,
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    Felicity Rhyolite
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    Your Characters as Dogs

    What's your rp character(s) as a dog breed?

    • Ashla Icebreaker (Althanas) is a pug. She's a hybrid descended from a royal family who lives in constant pain thanks to her origins. But for some reason people think that she's cute. She is angry, screams a lot, is angry, is angry, and her existence is torment.
    • Felicity Rhyolite (Althanas) is a German Shepherd, she's overprotective and clingy and has the stereotype of being stoic and disciplined, but her true personality is actually a lovable social goofball.
    • Aurthiel (LOTRO) is a prehistoric beardog. Because she's too fierce, ancient, and asocial to be a modern dog. She's simply on another level.
    • Gwyneira Craft (Star Wars Chaos) is a border collie. She's a clever genius who needs her brain to be stimulated to survive. She's also very emotional.
    • Ilinca Magnetar (Star Wars Chaos) is a shiba inu. She is fearless, alert, and looks adorable. But she's also aggressive and independent. She has a mind of her own and is very temperamental.
    • Mythrenniel (LOTRO) is a golden retriever. She is a sweet girl who loves people but is also gentle and a good pup!
    • Atamirel (LOTRO) is Doberman. She looks really stoic and has a calm and dependable personality.
    • Esta Pulsarcore (Star Wars Chaos) is a kangal. A GSD on steroids...
    • Gwaindoriel (LOTRO) is a husky. She's stubborn and is an impulsive ding dong, but is still clever and thoughtful.
    • Losgliniel (LOTRO) is a poodle. She's smart and fabulous!
    • Orotasarin (LOTRO) is a Labrador Retriever, he is easily trainable, social, and exists to please others.
    • Hanuh (Althanas) is purposefully bred dog with multiple perfect breeds meant to be the perfect creation. But the kennel is trash.
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    Level completed: 58%,
    EXP required for next Level: 6,393

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    Philomel van der Aart (+ Veridian)
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    Philomel is some sort of mutt. Maybe a rottweiler - looking hard and tough, but can definitely be a bit of a softie underneath.

    Stare is a pomsky I reckon. Big eyes, adorable, but can be yappy when she needs to be.
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    The Primordials: Professor Charles and Moros.

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