I need a price check.

How much to enchant Copycat with...

If it makes contact with offensive magic, the weapon completely aborbs the attack and stores the energy inside itself. If given a wide, hard swing, the blade releases the energy as an offensive blast in the direction the weapon is swung. This blast is as powerful as the magic absorbed. Low tier magic could cause someone to lose their footing while powerful magic can cause complete devastation in the blast radius. It all depends on the strength of the magic.

The more absorbed magic is kept in the weapon, the more it slowly burns off. It loses a TPL level worth of strength per every minute stored. Eventually, the entire magic store may be released and unusable. Since it was never used, recharge is not required. The weapon can only absorb and keep one magical power at a time.

The sword needs to recharge after each use. Small scale magic requires a minute, while intense magic requires up to twenty four hours.

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