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    Hayate Amatsukami

    Finding The Foundry

    Three months had passed since that day.

    When the Former General Amatsukami Hayate saved the Council of Radasanth and all the refugees within the Iron Keep from a horrific death. Yet still he was held as a prisoner of war until the cease-fire, only being released back into Shinsou’s custody a week later. He still wasn’t sure exactly what came over him that day but those damned kids followed him the entire way back to Whitevale. Sleeping under the stars neatened tufts of grass as the horses and soldiers of the caravan slept.

    It wasn’t long after Hayate resigned his position to Felicity that Grell finally asked the question. Could she and the others learn how to fight like him? Would he teach her how to protect people… If only she knew what she was asking at the time. Beseeched by the public humiliation throughout Corone and his perceived abandonment by Shinsou and the others, the Son of Akashima had slipped back into a semi delusional state. He accepted their offer, inducting the ten new members into the Immortals.

    Deep within the subterranean sewer system that stretched across Whitevale lies a series of renovated corridors and vast rooms. This secret network housed the base of the Immortals, formally known as the Foundry. Only a few Castigars and the Immortals themselves have knowledge of this location and how to find it.

    “Huh” Hayate woke,” who’s there!?” As he rose to an upright position in bed, the one armed shinobi’s eyes flickered crimson. Through the candle light he could see a pair of feet underneath his door. “Open the door.”

    Hayate’s door slid open revealing a candle little hallway stretching into vast darkness and the frame of a girl kneeling at his threshold. Dressed in a black shinobi garb Grell stood pulling back her mask and revealing her bald head and azure eyes.

    “We have a problem…” as a faint hushed whisper sliced through the stillness of the night, cursing Hayate’s ears and rushing him to his feet. With swift fingers he opened the case on his dresser retrieving his prosthetic arm, and just a quickly Grell was at his side helping him to attach it. “An intruder has entered the Foundry.”

    “Who is it?” Hayate grimaced as he latched his right arm into place. His implant allowed him full range of movement with his titanium arm but it never hurt any less connecting to it.

    “The one person we know can’t keep a secret for shit. That girl who took over for you…” Grell clearly hadn’t liked that he would consider someone so close to her own age a worthy replacement for himself. She wasn’t a very subtle girl, but she was a fast learner and his star pupil. In the short time they have been here she had learned the most by far. “Felicity or whatever her name is.”

    Hayate grew anxious and excited at the same time, bumps on his arm grew and chills ran down his spine. If she was here then it was only a matter of time things blew up. After throwing on a light coat and checking for arm for the last time the shinobi master exited his room and began to run through the vast tunnels of their hideout with apprentice in tow. Silently they moved like faint shadows, gliding across the cobblestone floor and past the damp walls as if at home in the darkness.

    “If she thinks something is going on down here we are going to be in for a world of trouble, I’ve known her to be quite explosive.” He said as they turned a corner and started down another incredibly long hallway. “How the hell did she get in anyway?”

    “Apparently Rosie was being careless coming back and screwed around to much, she’s trying to loose her as we speak and bring her back up top.” She said panting, trying not to drag too far behind. If they hurry then they can meet her at the Foundry’s entrance just in case.

    “I hope I’m not too late.” He said under his breath. “Because if I am and Rosie isn’t careful Felicity might not understand what’s going on and do something hastily.”
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    "Just shut up for once! What the hell do you know about it?! It's not like you ever had a family in the first place! You were on your own right from the beginning, what makes you think you know anything about it?! Huh?! I'm suffering now because I had those ties, how on earth could you possibly understand, what it feels like to lose all that!" -Sasuke Uchiha

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    Felicity stepped into the store, trying to get herself upbeat.

    "If you want to move on from the past, you need to appreciate the present."

    She spent an extended period of time running her hands down clothing racks.

    "Treat yourself. Have fun. Perhaps, as a General, you should start investing in your appearance more."

    She stood in front of a mirror, tossing up her stringy hair, with all its tangles and blunt ends.

    "It will take effort, but you must overcome the past."

    She sighed, pulling a blue gem, silver necklace around her neck. She was trying. She was trying to care on her day off...

    She stood in front of a food stand, musing. Corone had a food shortage! Felicity could supply herself with energy using magic. Why was she looking at the sweets here? Guilt was mixed with a fleshly desire for treats, and against her better conscious she bought a cream glazed donut.

    Soon enough, Felicity Rhyolite was carrying multiple bags in each arm, the donut in one of her hands. Her hair, now waist length, was completely redone. It was no longer suffering from lack of treatment, and was now slightly curled. How long would this last? Her outfit consisted of a long fluffed sleeved, white shirt. Over it, a button up sleeveless black jerkin. She wore a simple silver necklace with an owl trinket hanging on it. Her black pants were neither baggy nor tight, and she wore new black stringed high heels. As she walked up the steps, she left her donut on the steps as she kicked her door open, hands full. Inside, she tossed the bags onto the floor, ready to pick them up whenever. Felicity felt too thick in perfume, too done up and fancy, when she still felt like garbage inside. Sure, he had a bit of fun, but the dopamine had faded in an instant. She pulled her katana, in its sheath, off the wall and hung it over her back. Might as well see if Copycat looked good with the fancy clothes. The dusty house was bland and uninteresting; mostly decorated in boxes and storage chests. Felicity passed the out of place weapons display rack, which stuck out like a sore thumb. Felicity passed the small kitchen and entered her room. In front of the smudged mirror, Felicity struggled to see herself in the dark room. Still, she twirled around in the mirror and looked herself over. Her jerkin, the backs down to knee length, slightly picked up before falling back down. "Eh."

    Felicity felt like she was missing something. She had brought all the clothes and accessories she wasted money on inside, yes. What else was there? She mindlessly brushed her hair out of her face, far easier now that it was styled, and hummed to herself.

    "Hmm... My donut!"

    Her donut was still on the porch! With Copycat still on her back; she darted through the dull living room and out the door. No donut. Felicity gasped, before hearing a slight burp.

    It was a child. Merely below the pre-teen years, the girl was shoving the last of Felicity's cream covered treat into her mouth as she casually walked away. Her blond hair bounced as the red hooded child bounced with a merry stride.

    A kid? Felicity honestly wasn't angry, simply concerned. Might as well lecture her on the law and let her go.

    Felicity struggled to get down the steps with high heels, but clumsily stepped down the wooden beams and extended her hand, "Hey! Kid!"

    The girl turned to look at Felicity for only a moment. Her blue eyes widened as she turned and dashed off.

    "Wait!" Felicity ran after her - as fast as she could. She did not want a twisted ankle.

    The cold, barren streets were filled with a small amount of people; trying to stay warm under the apocalyptic clouds. They really did not pay attention as the two girls dashed down the roads, kicking up dust. For a child several years younger than Felicity, the blonde was swift. She tried swerving down alleyways and losing her through tight barrels. Unfortunately for Felicity, the high heels were doing a good job of keeping her further back. The blonde pulled her red hood up, starting to pant. Felicity, however, has tons of energy left. She hastily bent down, pulling the high heels off her feet. She looked up, watching as the girl slowed and turned to face her. With her feet free, Felicity was able to burst into a full sprint for the first time. The blonde immediately turned tail and ran.

    Felicity was starting to get closer. The red cloak disappeared behind a dark, skinny backway. Felicity followed. As she turned, her foot scraped a jagged rock. A tiny cut opened, the wound bleeding. A fit of anger took Felicity, who chucked one of the shoes in her hand at the girl. With sharp reflexes, the girl jumped out of the way without even turning around, as if she didn't have the need. When she saw the solid dent the shoe left on the steel beam it hit, she looked back at the raging girl with fresh fear before slipping into a set of garbage tins.

    "Stop!" Felicity stepped forward, feeling the mild sting on her foot. She dropped the other shoe on the bare dirt road, lifting her hands. "I'm not going to hurt you, I promise. I just want to talk."

    Felicity pulled the cans back, bewildered to find that the girl was nowhere to be seen. Surely, she hadn't gotten into the cans in plain sight? Felicity then noticed a man hole in the ground, an iron cover pulled over it in haste. Felicity effortlessly pulled the cover up, revealing a ladder below.

    Felicity smirked. "Gotcha."
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    "Go ahead, break me down, bury my face in the ground. I'm stronger than stone, can endure until I'm ground to literal dust. Every time you hit me, it makes me stronger." ~ Felicity Rhyolite.

    "You were fierce, you were relentless and you surprised even me. But I'm worried. You’ve got power, and you’ve got skill. What you don’t seem to have is control." ~ Shinsou Vaan Osiris, to Felicity Rhyolite.

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