1. One submission per character.

2. All entries have to be within the declared period. Editing your post and completely changing your submission is okay as long as all the edits occur before midnight EST on the closing day.

3. The moderator judging the monthly vignette contest may post a vignette at the end, but will not be eligible for first or second place.

4. Only on-topic vignettes are liable for rewards. The topics are broad enough that no character should be particularly limited.

5. PCs must be involved in all vignettes. How "canonical" you choose to have the events of the vignette is up to you.

6. All participants receive EXP. The top two finishers also receive GP. (Clarification: this excludes off-topic submissions, as per Rule 4).

7. Entries are assessed on the following merits:

  • Use of topic: Did the writer use the topic, or write something completely random and off topic?
  • Creativity: Did the writer make something unique out of the topic or was it more cliche?
  • Mechanics: Basic writing mechanics: spelling, grammar, punctuation, word usage, etc.
  • Notes: Additional comments.


Participants get a percentage of the EXP needed to level. The formula looks like this:

(next level base) - (current level base) x percentage = EXP

This means that if your next level is 2, then we just fill in the level bases as follows:

(5000) - (2000) x percentage.

Now, First place gets 10% of EXP needed. Second place gets 8%. Everyone else gets 5%.

To find the EXP reward, all we have to do now is plug in the percentage.

So a first place level 1 would gain - (5000) - (2000) X 10% = 300 EXP.

Gold is awarded as follows - 1st place acquires 200, 2nd place 150.

Finally, all participants will receive 1 AP. The winner will receive an additional 1 AP.