Greetings and welcome to the ALTHYGAMES, the place to test your writing mettle against the best Althanas has to offer. I will provide a prompt, it will usually be something silly, and YOU will write a response! Since my own gold is being put up for rewards, the judging is entirely subjective, so whatever I like most wins!

place FIRST, and you have won my admiration! for like a couple hours at least. Also 75 gp
place SECOND, and you have won everything you need to get something from John! 10% off your next purchase! Can be exchanged for 50 gp
place THIRD, and I will give you all my love, which is apparently worth 25 gp.

PROMPT: You've somehow gotten yourself wrapped up in a tug of war! OH NO! Across a mud pit from you, on the other side of the rope, lies a mess of hombres waiting to make your dunk in the dirt a reality rather than a dream! You take your place at the place you take it to begin tugofwars or something. What do you do? Do you make it out of the war with your dignity? Most importantly, DID YOU WIN?