Alerar is always so noisy. Even at dusk, the people still mulled about like mindless cockroaches. Scuttling about looking for their next meal or jolly. The sky was painted a brilliant orange, the last of the suns rays glaring and bouncing of the various machinations that littered the dirty cobblestone streets of the bustling town. The noise was unpleasant, the chatter, the constant grinding of gears and chugging of engines. The entire city had a smog filled scent to it that burned her nostrils.

She inhaled, then exhaled deeply with a long sigh. Scarlet had most of her emotions stripped from her when her soul became a volatile corrupted ball of destruction, so she was only mildly annoyed at her predicament. She had been sent here by Ulroke to obtain important papers, she chanced a glance at them, but they were written in a language unknown to her. Sure, he told her not to read them - but since when did she ever listen to him?

Scarlet was leaning against the wall of a darkened alleyway. If one were to peer in too close, they'd find a man several feet away stashed in a bloodied barrel. It was sloppy work, even by her standards but Scarlet was not in the right frame of mind to practice finesse. His body had been ripped apart, mutilated, entrails pulled....she was experimenting. Her abilities had only grown since her 'fall from grace' and she wanted to find that spark, something to set her off, anything to bring a flicker of emotion back into her devoid form.

Sure, it had its merits, she was more focused this way, but it was becoming a bother to try and constantly mimic emotions. A smile here, a frown there. It was annoying.

She pulled listlessly on a bang of long crimson hair, scelera eyes watching the streets. Come nightfall, she'd throw what was left of the man into the river, until then. She just had to wait.