Count Vladimir, a well respected and wealthy noble once owned a massive castle on the southern tip of the Tular Peninsula. It was lavish, lush, filled with all manner of things one might expect of someone fat with riches. It overhung a sheer cliff to the ocean and spanned several dozen acres. Count Vladimir did not have one, but three wives.
Of these three wives, only one bore a son, Baldur. The other two give their husband several daughters, but it was Baldur who carried his father's lineage through the Demon Wars.

When the portals to Hadia opened in the Tular plains, misfortune befell the entire region. The count's castle was no exception. Demons ransacked, killed, and razed the land and its occupants. Count Vladimir died in his trophy room with all three wives at his side. The servants and workers were flayed, hung, and dismembered. Yet in the midst of this madness, Baldur managed to escape by casting himself off the cliff and into the ocean. He was rescued by a naval vessel where he was nursed back to health.

Since then, Baldur settled down in Radasanth until the war finally came to a close. He married a fine city girl and together they had two children, Elaine and Bael. It has been over a century since the events which transpired in the Tular Plains. When Baldur passed of old age, his children stumbled upon a room littered with old relics, burnt and twisted golden statues, and old portraits ravaged by time and war. They learned of their old lineage, their grandfather, and the castle which once belonged to their family. Selling these, Bael and Elaine have decided to seek out adventurers brave enough to help them reclaim their grandfather's castle.

Rumors have since spread from the region about a castle overlooking the sea. Wrecked ships and the bones of the deceased still litter the rocky craigs and the castle itself lay crumbled and rotting. They speak of the land as haunted. Despite the demons being driven back to Hadia, something evil lurks deep within those walls. Some say the souls of the Count and Countesses still walk its ravaged halls, seeking revenge on any that dare trespass. Others say that some demons managed to survive and use the shambled remains as a nest, building their numbers and strength by the day.

Whatever it may be, Bael and Elaine beg for your help. They desperately want to know what happened those many years ago. If possible, they'd like for you to reclaim their home for them. As recompense, they offer you whatever riches remain within.
For the duration of October, all threads started and finished in the Outlands will earn a 1.5x EXP & GP modifier.

This lasts from 10/13 - 11/13.

Keep an eye out for vignettes and a boss battle!