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Althanas World Map

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Alerar (Al-uh-rar)

Alerar Summary:

Alerar is a land of technology and industry to the south of Salvar and the west of Raiaera, populated by the Dark Elves. Its people have largely shunned the magic of their High Elf cousins to pursue technology, artificing, and alchemy. As a result, Alerar is a nation of smoggy cities brimming with brass cogs and gears. They produce the only firearms in Althanas, and have even built a number of large dirigible flying machines. Life in Alerar and their abandonment of their ancestor's magic has turned the Dark Elves into the hardy, dark-skinned race they are today. In their language, they call themselves the "New Elves", considering their changes the natural evolution of their species even as their Raiaeran cousins consider them fallen and diminished elves.

* Alerar is home to primarily Dark Elves, though a large number of Dwarves live in the mountains and make a lucrative business trading minerals and metal ores to the Dark Elves. A fair number of humans live here as well, seeking knowledge of the Aleraran technology or hoping to peruse the vast library in the nation's capital.

For More Information: Alerar Wiki


Corone Summary:

Corone is an island nation to the southeast of the mainland, known for its diverse inhabitants, mild climate, and bustling harbors. It maintains thriving trade with other countries due to its strategic location and powerful navy. Until recently, the nation suffered from internal upheaval and rebellion caused by a totalitarian regime suddenly taking control of the Assembly and attempting to turn the republic into an autocratic empire. Fortunately, after several years of unrest, the republic was restored. Corone has found stability once again. One must wonder, though: will this peace last?

* Corone is home to humans (about 50%), along with substantial numbers of High Elves and smatterings of Dark Elves, Dwarves, and even Orcs and countless citizens of mixed blood.

For More Information: Corone Wiki

Fallien (Fay-lee-in)

Fallien Summary:

One of the most mysterious regions of Althanas, Fallien is a desert country with a matriarchal government and strangely xenophobic citizens. Throughout the region are different trades which can be found nowhere else in Althanas. Currently, Fallien has recovered from a state of upheaval due to the recent uprising of the Cult of Mitra and the Harpies. Fallien is also the main region for which all of the glass in Althanas is created and sold. Some of which house mysterious properties considered holy by its citizens.

* Fallien is comprised mainly of humans and harpies. The humans found here are typically dark-skinned, dark haired, and have dark eyes. Females are often found wearing beautiful and ornate silks. People here tend to be short in stature, averaging five and a half feet. Due to their bloody history and constant struggles, they are very hesitant towards strangers in their lands. Harpies, on the other hand, are part human, part bird. They vary in hos heavily they display avian qualities. Harpies are most known for their vanity and are quick to anger if their beauty is questioned. Harpies have plagued the humans that live here, feeding off the children that they steal in the night and leaving nothing but ash remains.

For More Information: Fallien Wiki


Raiaera Summary:

Raiaera is the ancestral homeland of the High Elves with a history of magic and wonder. However, in recent years, an undead horde commanded by an ancient evil swept through the nation, leaving devastation in its wake. This realm of shining cities and ancient forests now holds ruins and danger as its diminished population struggles to regain their nation's former glory. Despite the dangers, Raiaera remains a region worth visiting because of its rich lore and its access to the known world's most wondrous magic, including the legendary Spell-Singers, known as the Bards.

* Raiaera is home to the High Elves, though small numbers of other races live there as well, most often students of magic and treasure hunters. Be wary, however. The High Elves, traditionally suspicious of outsiders, have become increasingly xenophobic in the wake of their near extinction.

For More Information: Raiaera Wiki

Salvar (SAL-var)

Salvar Summary:

Salvar is by far the largest nation in terms of territory, stretching across the harsh northlands. This vast, mighty kingdom of jagged mountains, pine forests, and snow still reels from years of civil war between the powerful and pervasive Church of the Ethereal Sway and the equally corrupt monarchy and nobility. The clash of steel has quieted and the two sides have finally reconciled, though both reduced to shadows of their former power. Anarchy and chaos now grips this once proud nation as its people struggle to survive. Yet, despite their hard lives, the people of Salvar are probably freer than they have ever been. One must ask, though: is freedom worth the price, and will they hold onto it in the days to come?

* Salvar is officially home to primarily humans, but large numbers of Orcs live in the northern reaches, forming strong independent clans. Immigrant Dark Elves and Dwarves live near the border of Alerar, scraping out their own livings in the unforgiving land.

For More Information: Salvar Wiki

Scara Brae (Scare-ruh Bray)

Scara Brae Summary:

Scara Brae: formerly a backwater colony sitting in the eastern sears, Scara Brae is now a small but thriving country. It serves as the gateway to the frontier for sailors and explorers, and its surrounding reefs form a haven for sea monsters, merfolk, and dread pirates.

For More Information: Scara Brae Wiki

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