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    (OOC note for moderators: Please look at this for approval on 1st March as it designed to fit in with the arrival of the new system. Thank you!)

    Name: Akerfeldt Krigsherre
    Age: Unknown (created by the Void Entity millenia ago and dormant ever since)
    Alignment: Evil

    Personality and Background

    Akerfeldt Krigsherre is the embodiment of evil in its purest form; the dark half of a minor deity that was split in two by an axe of light. Whilst it is a stretch to say that he feels no emotions at all, those he does feel are mostly low functioning and revolve around deriving pleasure from torture, murder, and chaos. He has brain function enough to understand that he has to eat, defecate and sleep to survive, but beyond that is only really driven by primal urges to destroy.

    His goal is simple; to please The Void Entity, an all-consuming ethereal being that feeds on the souls of the living. Akerfeldt does not have an understanding why this is the case, but doesn’t care either. He simply serves both his and the Void Entity’s urges for the reaping of souls, granting them both energy.

    Akerfeldt does not make friends, nor does he seek control of others through manipulation. He cannot be manipulated emotionally, nor reasoned with.


    Akerfeldt is a giant of a man, standing at a whopping 8ft and weighing an incredible 400lbs. There is not an inch of fat on him, despite his incredible bulk, and has inherited a large, muscular body from his previous incarnation as a diety.

    The clothing he wears is all he owns. This consists of black trunks with a single, large gold buckled belt and a red and black cape. On his arms he wears bracers of iron, and on his shins he also wears iron kickpads above a pair of heavy duty leather boots.


    Mork Skjold

    Akerfeldt is rarely seen without his heavy, iron tower shield. It acts as both a defensive tool and an offensive one; the shield is scarlet red with gold trim, curved slightly and is covered in inch long iron spikes on the face which can be used to both attack opponents and repel attacks. Whilst it is a dangerous tool in his arsenal, Mork Skjold does add considerable weight to his already large frame and disadvantages his speed when used.


    A single headed, iron greataxe that is synonymous with Akerfeldt. When stood on its pommel, Guddommelighet is as tall as Akerfeldt himself, with the cutting blade itself measuring three foot. It is a truly dangerous weapon, but it’s weight slows Akerfeldt down.


    Monstrous Shrine

    To harvest the souls and life force of his victims, Akerfeldt is called upon by the Void Entity to offer it their mortal bodies. Three times per thread, he may call forth from the ground a terrible, bloodstained scaffold on which he can place his victims / opponents on meat hooks. Should he succeed on “hooking” a character (whether an NPC in non competitive or a player in competitive), their life force is absorbed into his body. The hooked character can only be completely killed with permission from the writer; otherwise, the hook disintegrates after ten seconds and leaves the depleted person feeling disorientated and lethargic. This process heals Akerfeldt of his wounds and grants him a state of berserk, where his speed, strength and endurance are increased by 4x his normal level for sixty seconds.

    Dying Light

    Being separated from the light half of his deity has increased Akerfeldt’s descent into chaos. Twice per thread, for a maximum of a hundred and twenty seconds from activation (3 rounds), any “good” or “neutral” aligned characters stood within a ten foot radius of Akerfeldt suffer from blindness. Their eyesight returns should they stand outside of this radius, or a hundred and twenty seconds expires. Evil characters are not affected by Dying Light.

    Remember Me

    The vile powers of the Void Entity has allowed Akerfeldt to come back from the brink. If he is in a dying or dead state outside of the Citadel, Akerfeldt's body will be consumed by the Void Entity's dark claw (preventing anyone from affecting him) and will be restored over time. This prevents Akerfeldt from functioning for seven days (if dying), or fourteen real-life days (if dead). The roots of this ability lie within a hexed tomb deep beneath a graveyard in Corone; should the tomb fall, the Void Entity ceases to help and Akerfeldt can be permanantly killed.
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    Hey Akerfeldt.

    Looks good, and you have some interesting abilities here. One thing I would just caution on is the wording of Remember Me. You mention that no-one can affect you if you are "dying". I would take that to mean that "dying" renders you immobile and unable to participate further in competitive play. As long as you don't use this ability to unfairly avoid hits, you're good to go.

    Approved and 400 starting GP added due to the Festival bonus!
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