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    "No." Evian put every bit of emphasis onto the word that he could as he turned and placed one hand on Celandine's shoulder, making sure that she was facing him. He looked down at Celandine, taking a deep breath. "Celandine. I won't say you cannot do something because in the end it is your life to live, not mine. But, please, heed this advice. Salvar is a dangerous place, a cold, inhospitable land full of cold, hard people." He searched for words to describe what he knew, what he feared might happen.

    "The religion of the land despises magic. Not just a specific magic, but magic in general. And I don't mean it makes them uncomfortable - most will be openly hostile to someone who has magic, and that's the normal populace. Actual clergy tend to strike first and not bother with questions. I can't say I know how they'd react to you," he took a moment to sweep one hand in a gesture along her body, head to toe, "as a non-human. But that's because in the entire time I was in Salvar, I never saw one. Now some of that might be because I lived in a quiet town, but even so." Evian paused, and took a deep breath before shaking his head.

    "If you do feel compelled to go to that atrocious place, do your best to be careful. I don't know if you'll be in danger, but I don't think you'll be entirely safe." The brown haired man realized his muscles were tense, and forced himself to relax. He shook his head and stepped away, looking down at the pale purplish bar of soap that the girl had given him. A weak chuckle escaped him.

    "As for where I live?" His lips quirked into a wry smile. "Out in the woods. It's peaceful." It was also private, and could be difficult. The weird thing he had fought was just one thing. More mundane creatures had found him more than once, including a bear that had been quite insistent on chasing him. Definitely not a life suited to the child in front of him. Evian tucked the soap into the bag the clothier had handed him of his new clothes.

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    Salvar was dangerous for the likes of her? Celandine almost laughed.

    "The world is full of elves, dwarves and humans. One more faun won't hurt. Besides," she stuck out her tongue at him, patting away her purchases, "I'm half human thank you."

    Turning her head she pointed to her rounded ears, completely unable to wiggle them unlike her mother. And her horns were barely horns at all - just small little nubs that would be the shame of her homeland. Mostly she hid them under the fuzz of her hair, not wishing to make anything of them. After all they were nothing to her mother's huge curling ram horns.

    She straightened and set her hands on the strap of her bag. "No, I am decided. I am mature enough and ... Well mature enough is good enough for me. I will go to Salvar. You are welcome to come, if you like."

    She smiled. "A travelling companion might be nice. It can't be too dangerous there, surely."

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