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    [~OPEN TO ALL~] A sort of job...

    (Continues off of Hunt Beings Anew/sometime after the events of the FQ have finished as well so no ashfall.)

    (Note: All bunnies are approved thank you in advanced)

    Nosdyn slept very badly those nights.

    He was haunted by the past, and the weight of sins bared heavily down upon his shoulders.

    He was troubled, there was no mistaking that. Though Stonevale had accepted him. Despite the fact he was a Demon exiled from The Tular Plains. His eyes were shut tightly as he slept in his bed sweat trickled down his heavily tattooed body. He dreamed that night...the night it all began. For him, for the rest of Althanas sometime after the ashfall finally stopped.

    It was a year after the last bit of ash fell from the sky. The world had not returned to normal and there were wide-spread reports of mass destruction everywhere. The Gods have abandoned us. Nosdyn thought to himself in his sleep, it was a frightening thought to live in a world without the gods. The third hour of that night came and deep sleep still did not start. He hadn't slept a full night since Ashfall first started and even so after the last bit of ashfall fell from the sky.

    Nosdyn finally awoke some tiem after the third hour of that night.

    He sat up in his bed thinking about all he had done, all he had considered of late. He looked down on his hands, there would be no tears. The time for crying had long since passed. The gods saw to it that there would be no time for any to mourn lost loved ones. The next step was for them to all rebuild their lives from there. For Nosdyn, whose life had been built on the suffering of others for many years he was still trying to pick up the pieces.

    He slid out of bed, skyclad, he only wore clothing outside of his house.

    His muscles bulged as he stood there and he stretched trying to ease the tension out of his body.

    As he stood there, he decided to get dressed and see what was going on around the town...though it was late at night there was always something happening in Stonevale. As Nosdyn got dressed he remembered his commitment to train Karl. That was a good place to begin that night.

    "Karl wake up." Nosdyn said to his friend, and fellow sword. He was still probably sleeping at that hour, but immediately stirred upon hearing Nosdyn's call.

    "What do ya need boss?" Karl asked.

    "Going to go back over some lessons with you my friend. Now is as good a time as any."

    With that, Karl and Nosdyn finished getting dressed and gathered their gear.

    They both stepped outside and walked out into the back yard area of the house...

    (Note: It is late at night in Stonevale after Ashfall has finally STOPPED. Enter here with Nosdyn and Karl stepping out of their house and walking to the yard area. Note this is purely a social thread. I want as many people in on this as possible.)
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