Alerar at a Glance


Welcome to Alerar, the militarily powerful and technologically advanced home of the Dark Elves and Dwarves. This industrious nation covers the mainland’s western reaches, south of Salvar and west of Raiaera, and consists mostly of ash-swept plains, rocky crags, barren mountains, and glassy deserts. What follows is, as the title suggests, a brief overview of the region, an traveler’s guide for anyone wishing to visit this fascinating place. It contains information on key locations as well as the region’s core defining themes, and more. For additional information, please visit the wiki entry here.

Despite its harsh environment, Alerar’s civilization thrives, with much of its considerable population crammed into massive cities. There, factories and foundries produce machines and weapons found nowhere else on Althanas. The Three Guilds create grand wonders of engineering, artifice, and alchemy, while the largely unspoken-of ‘Fourth Guild’ lurks in the shadows, the known world’s largest and most active criminal organization. The ruling class attend lavish parties and parade exotic slaves high in their spires while poverty, crime, and worse lurks in Alerar’s many dark underbellies. The smog of industry stains the sky.

Whether seeking fame and fortune, political influence, knowledge, or powerful weapons, Alerar has what you need. From dark alleys to black, glimmering spires; from hot, dirty foundries to cold, dusty archives; from assassinations and espionage to lavish parties – Alerar is a land of progress and excitement.

Things to remember when role-playing in Alerar:

  • Technology is more prominent -- Both the Dark Elves and Dwarves rely far less on traditional magic than other civilizations. Instead, they have developed great machines and engines of steam and clockwork, and powerful gunpowder weapons. Wonders of artifice, alchemy, and engineering are commonplace here.
  • Racial demographics - Dark Elves, and to a lesser extent Dwarves, make up the vast majority of Alerar’s population, leaving humans and other races as a small minority. While typically welcoming to visitors of other races and from other nations (except their hated Raiaeran rivals), most Dark Elves see their race as more highly evolved.

Core themes

These are the most notable and distinct storytelling elements present in Alerar. Note that this is far from an exhaustive list, and the themes below are not exclusive to this region. Rather, they are merely the themes most strongly present, the ones that truly define Alerar.

Spires of Intrigue -- Alerar possesses the most centralized nobility in the known world. Where counts and barons of other nations rule over their estates, much of the Dark Elf nobility resides in the Spires, the towering central district of Ettermire. There, largely disconnected from the rest of the country, they plot everything from assassinations to what petty insults to deliver at the next party. In between schemes, they even find time to help decide Alerar’s policies and petition the Sovereign.

Urban Sprawl -- With most of Alerar a barren wasteland, the vast majority of its population lives in huge, sprawling cities. Its capital of Ettermire is the single largest city in the known world. In Alerar, many adventures take place in dark alleys or sewers or on rooftops high above the streets.

Land of Progress -- Ever since the Dark Elves emigrated from Raiaera thousands of years ago, they distanced themselves from the magic their High Elf cousins depend on. They built Alerar on the foundation of technological advancement, and in recent decades, their efforts have truly begun paying off. Alerar’s vast cities are marvels in and of themselves. The advent of steam power and gunpowder revolutionized how the nation approaches both industry and war.

Rule of Might – Alerar maintains a powerful and well-equipped military, with a growing navy and the large full-time professional army. Military service is highly respected, even (or perhaps especially) amongst the nobility. The nation’s industries can, in times of war, unite toward a single martial purpose and turn Alerar into a mighty war machine, equipping the army and navy with gunpowder, artillery, and even airships.


Ettermire: The capital city, stretching across the Glaith River in central Alerar, is known for its towering spires, dark alleys, and factories and foundries covering entire city blocks. The king’s palace is the single tallest structure in the known world, and the library Ankhas contains more tomes and scrolls than any other single repository.

Kachuck: The largest Dwarf city in Alerar, Kachuck lies under the vast mountains of the same name – some of the most barren and jagged in the world. The dwarf artisans produce high quality metals and arms and armor for those they trust, or those with enough coin.

Nauplez: This major trading hub sits along a pass through the Kachuck mountains and facilitates a great deal of trade of Salvar. It also houses many secluded laboratories and workshops for prominent guildmembers.

Etherea: Here sits the southern port city and Alerar’s primary foothold in the Raiaeran Sea. Most trade with Corone and Scara Brae begins or ends here.

Courva: The western port city, Courva services almost all maritime trade with Salvar, Alerar's closest ally.

Major Factions

Nobles of the Spires – The noble Dark Elf families reside in the Spires, a towering district in Ettermire. There, they scheme and plot, attend parties and arrange assassinations, and sometimes even perform their duties in the government and help advise the king.

The Three Guilds -- The Artificers, Engineers, and Alchemists of Alerar, the Three dominate much of the nation’s commerce and technology. Though squabbles between the guilds occur with some regularly, they generally focus on their own domains and work together effectively on larger projects when there is enough profit and fame to go around.

The Underground -- Jokingly referred to as the “Fourth Guild” by some, this organization oversees the vast majority of crime in Alerar, and even branches out into other regions. They use bribery, extortion, and traded favors to keep corrupt merchants and nobles in their pockets.

The Alerian Military – Very much its own political power within Alerar, the military plays a huge role in the nation’s economy and culture. Its large, well-equipped, well-trained army is a source of great national pride of Alerar’s citizens. They always seek new recruits, and even those born outside of Alerar can rise in the ranks.

History/Major Events

Please see the Alerar Timeline wiki entry.