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    I'm Asking you Icely

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    The fox was full of flaming fiery. His eyes burned like hot coals tossed into a wildfire. The flames rippled like a rich lion's mane. This monster of a creature was the wrath of summer scorching winter's cold lack of heart.

    What if winter was too cold? Could snow not melt under a burning spring's sun?

    Felicity was Ashla's number one goal right now. She always regretted how she and a close alchemist forced onto Felicity powers that were uncontrollable. Felicity's strength would last for a meager fifteen seconds that were passing in a flash. Thoughts racing, Ashla was determined to get past the fox.

    Said fox, however, had other plans.

    The moment Ashla pulled herself up from the cliff, the fox spat flames from its mouth. The flames seemed to forge the shape of monstrous jaws.

    Oh bloody Thayne!

    Ashla instantly took a small step back - before swiftly attempting to regain balance. Trapped. Upon watching the nightmarish licks of burning orange come close, Ashla pulled her right arm in front of her body, sacrificing her secondary limb.

    The feeling was horrendous. As her arm twisted in its burning agony, Ashla was surprised when raw flesh was ripped off the exposed skin between her gauntletted forearm and plated shoulder. A shout of pain was emitted as the flames dissipated, leaving behind a mangled and bloodied upper arm. Her delyn plates too were dislocated, the leather gloves severely hot. Healing ice immediately froze over her entire arm. In due time the wounds would be numbed. However, the discomforting collision of fire and ice caused tears of infliction to form in her blue and burgundy eyes.

    Her arm was useless now. As it hung limp on her arm, Ashla glanced down to her dominant left hand. She formed a tight fist. As the short claws emerged from the gauntlet, cold steam rose from her hands. She glared up at the enormous fox. She was bathed in the pain of wounds both physical and emotional. She felt the dire desperation of protecting what was her's. Icebreaker would have to resort to using brutal magic to reach her adoptive little sister.

    She was not playing games.

    She outstretched her good arm. She winced as the bitter winds of the barren earth nipped her wounded right arm. Determination pushed her as she stepped closer to the fox, almost in haste. As she growled for both her wound and her loved one, she caused a hunk of crimson colored ice to grow between her and the beast.

    The ice was crawling with bacteria and viruses. It was corroded in the filth of disease and pestilence. The bowling ball sized chunk of ice, a bleeding rose in a dull graveyard of stone, grew lighter in color and more frictioned than its first summoning. Icebreaker clenched her hand shut, causing the ice to explode. As shrapnels of maroon ice flew in the air, Ashla made a mad dash. She hoped that even if the fox dodged, it would distract the creature. Hopefully, she could reach Felicity Rhyolite.

    Had she forgotten that this was the Citadel? Had Ashla's paranoia of loss surpassed common sense? It takes one look into her past to see how jaded this crumpled rose was...

    Echoes of her alternate self silently creeped upon her subconscious. Ayleth.
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