The world of Althanas is a varied place, full of many different races and locations. The majority of the population is Human, Elves, Dwarfs, Orcs, Drakari, Fae, Merfolk, or a mix of different races. However, there's many races out there that haven't been discovered and recorded yet so don't think these are the only ones.

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Humanity, a most adaptable and varied race. They live on all continents and their culture is heavily influenced by region.

[top]Durklan (Raiaera Humans)

Sharing common ancestry with the Urodins of Salvar, these humans were spared when the Raiaeran high elves drove most of the other humans out of the region. Most still live in isolated settlements away from the major elf cities.


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[top]Alerian Humans

Most modern Alerian humans traveled there within two generations, mostly from Salvar or Corone. Most of the humans native to that region were killed off or driven out during the dark elf invasion.

[top]Corone Humans

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[top]Dheathain Humans

Most scholars believe the humans of Dheathain predate the Great Calamity. Whether they descended from the long-dead Ancients who once occupied the continent or existed independently is unknown. In modern times, Dheathain humans form two major factions. The humans living within the Drakari Empire descended from the ancient dragon worshipers. Few of these humans exist in pure form, most now officially recognized as Drakari because of their draconic lineage, and the majority of the rest still possessing some small amount of dragon ancestry.

The Xangua are humans inhabiting the banks of the great River Xangu. The River Xangu (meaning “life” in the language of the local Bestu pygmies) is the largest river, by both volume and length, in Dheathain. Excluding tributaries, the majority of its length runs along the floor of the region's western valley. Peripheral valleys drain into the western valley giving the River Xangu an extensive catchment area. It is located to the west of the Fiorair Rainforest, which itself forms the neighbouring river basin. Far from the Drakari Empire's power, they are free to worship their complex pantheon of gods.

[top]Scara Brae Humans

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This comparatively small population of humans inhabits the southeastern marshlands of Salvar and trace their lineage back to the tribes that were driven from Raiaera by the elves thousands of years ago. Most have dark hair, brown eyes, and slender builds, and are stereotypically known for their shrewdness.


The most prominent human ethnicity in Salvar, these men and women are known for their fair hair and skin, physical bulk, and fortitude.


The natives of Skavia, the rugged northern wilds of Salvar, the Skavians are thought to be the first humans to inhabit the region. These humans are feral and tribal, known as large hairy barbarians by many Salvarians.

[top]High Elves

The regal elves of Raiaera.

[top]Dark Elves

The dark-skinned elves of Alerar.

The dwarves of olde and of new are a people much like humans, yet much shorter, averaging out at around 4' in height. These little people have been known to be brilliant craftsmen, building massive cities carved into the mountains themselves. They are also skilled metalsmithes producing armors and weapons from all kinds of metal from iron to adamantite. As skilled warriors, they use brute strength to injure their enemies, or slink in the shadows, unseen to stab them in the back with their volatile poison blades. Mages of this kind have been seen to be as powerful as any other, and sometimes more. So, all in all, a race not unlike the humans of any sort, just, well, shorter.

A race of humanoids, normally characterized by their apparent brutality. These peoples are depicted as brutes, standing taller than a man, with fanged mouths and fierce eyes. -- Their society is normally clan based, where the strong survive, as per "natural selection" Their fighting style is normally that of the barbarian, using their strength to overpower the enemy.

An orc known to many peoples on Althanas is Otto Bastum, who works as a guardsman and blacksmith.

A race of draconic humanoids who originated four thousand years ago from four Progenitors dragons who mated with humans under mysterious circumstances. Dragon blood has always flowed through the Drakari, but over the centuries that blood has thinned, and they separated into Castes based on blood purity.

An elusive race aligned to five traditional elements - earth, fire, water, air, or wood - and scattered across the world in secluded communities and Courts. Their appearance varies wildly, from the more enchanting humanoids to the most monstrous abominations. As beings of magic, the Fae consider themselves as closer to divinity than the other races.

[top]Dheathain Fae

Only in Dheathain have Fae formed a true society. These 'civilized' Fae still resemble their cousins found throughout the world, but over the past thousand years, their forms have become increasingly human-like, perhaps reflecting their more structured and communal lives.

[top]Frost Fae

An ice-attuned variant whom hail from Salvar. They are weak to iron and less protean than their cousins, being born into a humanoid form and undergoing an adolescent metamorphosis into something more alien as an adult.


Creatures of the sea made entirely out of coral. These intelligent people are rather tall compared to a human, including their amazing crowns. Barely any in history have made it to the lands of Althanas, or to any land at all. Those who have are worshiped as "gods".


Merfolk are beings that look like people with fish tails. They are also known to protect humans from their deadly counterpart, Sirens. Mermaids are the more commonly noted merfolk as most sailors are male.


The cunning mistress of the sea, the siren sings a song of great allure to any who hear it, luring them to their sea lairs, to drown them and do who knows what with them. While no air breathers knows what they look like, other aquatic races say that they look like merfolk when in the water, humans when on land, and angels when flying the skies.

[top]Other Races

Races that are outside the other groups listed above.


Ar'Tuel are ethereal mana-based beings with no physical body unless they either choose or are forced to attach themselves to one. Their appearances are generally humanoid, and vary as much as humans would.

[top]Bestu Pygmies

The Bestu are a race of pygmy humanoids living along the river banks of the Xangu Basin in Dheathain. They are short, no taller than one meter (approx. three feet). Their bodies are completely hairless. Though they are mammals, in place of hair they have evolved light flaps of skin that overlap each other in the same nature as scales in reptiles and fish. This scaly skin is dark grey in colour. Their eyes are large and also grey. Examinations of their skeletons seem to show a relationship to humans, they possess the same number of ribs, spinal segments, fingers and toes.


Dragons are powerful reptiles whose powers vary across the world. Flight and fire breathing are among the creatures' basic abilites, as they may carry other distinct traits as well. Some individuals are more sentient than others, reaching levels where they are able to speak like any of the world's intelligent races.

[top]Earth Spirits

Earth Spirits are a form of creature associated with dryads, who claim to have been placed on earth by their Goddess Drys. They are usually born under trees and take the form of an animal and also have earth magic abilities. They can become familiars or companions.


Fauns take the form of a human with goat legs and ram horns upon their brow. Their fur and hair colour varies from a deep indigo black to beige-white, and they are associated with coming from the mountains in Corone. They have the ability to perform small feats of earth magic, usually just sixth senses.


A more civilized and socially acceptable species similar to Beastmen hearkening to the Raiera forests.


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[top]Hex Magi

The Hex Magi were a project created long in secret during the Demon Wars. Designed as homunculi that could tackle the immortal warriors of Haidia, Hex Magi were a unique weapon that would prove as chaotic as the enemy they fought. The Dread Magician Mordechai offered a weapon to the nation of Revan that would eventually become the modern day Hex Magi


The Khaians are a humanoid race that populated the distant planet Khaia from 1AD (Amuro Domine - the first recorded Khaian year) until their near extinction in 125AD (1AD = 10 human years). There are only two known Khaians that continued to live after 125AD, Canen Darkflight and Gideon Xerxes, although there has been speculation of small pockets of Khaian survivors spotted on other neighboring worlds.


Kitsune or Fox-Humans are a relatively small race compared to the many other races across Althanas. They either wander around the world or form small clans to live in. They get along well with foxes and humans in general.


Very little is known about the beginning of the mystic race. The first written stories of mystic abilities were well after the community began and included designs of the mystic temple and the spells creating the mystic villages. There are two very different stories of the beginning.

[top]Mix Blood

The offspring of two parents of separate species. For example: a mother is a human and the father is an elf; that makes for an elf/ human hybrid which is generally referred to as half-elf. There are many other possibilities that have been observed throughout Althanas such as half-orcs and drakelings. Half-bloods aren't quite common, but they aren't completely rare either.


Nymphs are a little known species who exist in small hidden communities throughout Scara Brae and Corone. This race is entirely female, and in order to procreate they entice men into their sheltered homes, before disposing of them. These women are usually petite and exceptionally beautiful, and posses paralytic saliva as well as toxic blood. Between their strong sense of community and their natural defense mechanisms, these creatures are rarely captured, and so to most people on Althanas they remain a myth.


Psaróni, or Starlings, are the children of the stars. While their appearances vary significantly, their skin always resembles that of night sky. Being created by the stars to explore and travel where they can not go, a Psaróni loyalty is first to their guardian star and second to their kind.

[top]Terran / Groundlings

The Terran are an Ancient Subterranean Race of Stone-like Creatures.
They have also been referred to as 'Groundlings' by other races. Namely Dwarves.


Anyone of any race who was already dead and resurrected. The ways they could come back to life vary; a common undead person may have been cursed to come back to the living.


[top]Icebreaker Family

The Icebreakers originated from a man named Adam Icebreaker born with “unnatural” abilities that could be used to manipulate and control water and ice particles. Since the time of the first Icebreaker, powers became stacked and new powers formed.

[top]Tabor Family

The Tabors are a human family with blood-line abilities who until recently ruled over the small, snowy county Eiskalt. They and are notorious for their many abilities; and are one of the two noble families of the country.

[top]The Willfire Family

Since he had finally made it from the Nether into this realm, almost 300 years ago, the one known as Krausus appeared in this world, as a young boy, to be king someday, yet, as it was, it would never be. He was destined for war, for famine, death, plague; everything in the world seemed to want to kill him. So, here, I set the stage for another, one child Sirius.

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