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Althanas News

Hello Again!
First off, for those of you who are new, Welcome to Althanas!

The clan war is currently being judged and soon we should be ready for round three! Will the Ixian Knights gain control of Corone, or will the Phoenix Asscendant be able to stop the takeover? Keep an eye on the battle folks, as it will affect the future cannon of Althanas.

I also have a challenge for all of you! Find someone you've never roleplayed with, that could be a new member or just someone you haven't gotten around to making that thread with yet, and make it happen. Half the fun of what we do is writing with other people! There are a lot of great group threads going on at the moment, and I hope to see more!

Vignettes are going strong thanks to Jasmine. Here is a link to the current thread. Make sure to get your Vignette entry in before the end of the month, when a new prompt will start. This is a quick and fun way to explore a situation your character might otherwise not encounter while gaining some easy exp.

Make sure to make use of the chat room and the recruitment forum. Both are great assets in writing that epic thread you've been planning. Hope to see more from everyone soon!

As Always,
Amber Eyes

Thread of The Week

This is where we will put the spotlight on ongoing threads of note in Althanas, giving them a bit of attention. This weeks featured thread comes Margaret and Arden Janelle. It's their recently concluded battle.Then Begins The Path Supreme Here's an excerpt. Enjoy!

"As true to her nature, however, she paid no mind to any of these things; barely even noting the thin cut now spreading warmth down her side. For as soon as his steel had left her flesh, her limbs were moving. Like a blur of darkness did her gloved digits wrap around the hilt of her own katana, still sheathed within the scabbard in her right hand, as her left drew it forth swiftly, without hesitation. The deadly blade sung quiet through the air as it left the confines of the cyper behind, shining metal gleaming with the last flecks of blood still staining its razor edge. There was almost an invisible hum to it as it arced upwards in a deadly crescent, the edge aiming directly for the side of the foolish dandy's exposed neck; intent clear in the gleaming flat of the blade."

Article of The Week

This is where we feature one of the articles we've made for the Althanas Wiki so far. This week's featured article focuses on Akashima

"Akashima is a small country nestled in the northeastern area of the Corone island. Once a small village of barbarians when the Raiaeran explorers first found them, the Demon War left them torn from their ancient roots. However, from the ashes of the fallen a new nation emerged to reclaim the land of their ancestors, the new generations of warriors and artisan reviving their forefathers' way of life. This small nation is unique in a sense that it is an island within an island - ruling independently of the Coronian Government while still remaining in good terms with them since reconnecting with the outside world...

Member Spotlight

As more and more members make their wiki pages, we'll begin to feature some of them, helping members get to know one another. We invite everyone to make their own pages talking about their characters, their musings, and their ideas. As soon as we have someone with sufficient content, we'll spotlight them here.

Judge's Choice Spotlight

The Judge's Choice forum is a great source of inspiration. Members should know what others before them have achieved. This week's Judge's Choice Spotlight comes from Letho and Storm Veritas, and is titled To expidite, explore, and extract Here's an excerpt...

"Myrhia slept with a blissful placidity of a child, her tiny figure crumpled up in a little ball made out of rough canvas sheets and her slender body dressed in a white semi-transparent silky nightgown. The accommodations were poor to say the least, compiled out of the battered old mattress that smelled like an old potato sack and a hanging petroleum lamp that perpetually swung with the motion of the boat. On top of that, the entire room carried the scent of moist decay, the bittersweet smell of something decomposing agonizingly slow. But still, she slept so soundly that she didn’t even notice that Letho left her side and went on the main deck. It was the sun that drained her, the sun and the dry salty heat that reigned on the main deck during the day, drawing out every last ounce of energy from her. And after such a day, falling asleep in the arms of her beloved was like a well-earned reward after a gruesomely long race."

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