All regions share a common ancestry, so it might be prudent to read the Timeline of Ancient History first.

BT = Before Time
CP = Current Time

Colonization - CP 800 to 1250

CP 800 to CP 1000 - Dwarfs colonize the main island later known as Lornius. They build advanced infrastructure, then disappear.

CP 1241 - Traders, aware of the island for hundreds of years, first map a safe passage through the archipelago. They settle on the main island and name it Lornius.

Birth of Conflict - CP 1299 to CP 1432

CP 1299 - Near the end of its expansion, Corone sends an army and claims Lornius as a colony of their own. The island is named Lornius

CP 1303 - Terrinore prison is created as a place to hide dissenters of the original invasion

CP 1432 - After nearly 150 of Corone control, Raiaera "invades" Lornius. To avoid all out warfare, the Raiaeran's consider the push simply an expansion of trade with Corone

Age of Strife - CP 1432 to 1783

CP 1432 to 1782 - For nearly 300 years, Raiaera and Corone conduct a shadow war in Lornius, absolutely devastating the local population and natural resources

CP 1782 - Local fisherman, Veryn Reswob, speaks out against invasion in support of independent sovereignty for Lornius. He gathers a militia and storms Lyridia, the capital at the time

CP 1783 - Following the bloody rebellion, Corone forces withdrawal and name Lornius as an independent nation; xenophobia takes root amongst the natives

Rebirth and Destruction - CP 1785 to Present

CP 1785 - Using ancient dwarven mechanics combined with Alerarian steam technology, Veryn Reswob rises the ruins at Mar Del'var into the sky. The ruins are renamed the Floating City and made into the capital

CP 1792 - Veryn Reswob leases out Terrinore to other nations to use as a political prison in a last ditch attempt for additional funding

CP 1807 - Raiaera and Corone attempt to retake Lornius; Veryn Reswob is killed in the invasion

CP 1808 - Max Dirks arrives in Lornius and with another ragtag army, chases the last remnants of Raiaera and Corone from the island; Dirks was made the leader

CP 1808 to CP 1813 - Under his rule, tyranny reigned supreme as Max Dirks killed those he deemed unworthy and constantly diverted government funds for his own schemes

CP 1813 - Max Dirks is was ousted in a violent coup and the democratically elected Lornius High Council was installed in his stead; Lornius closed its borders to all outsiders

CP 1815 - In a last ditch attempt to save their country, the Lornius High Council decided to encourage traders, adventurers and others to seek out the island; the borders are now open, but the natives still view the others with caution, if not outright disdain.

Present Day: CP 1815