All regions share a common ancestry, so it might be prudent to read the Timeline of Ancient History first.

BT = Before Time
CP = Current Time

The Birth of Corone: ~BT1000 - CP 600

~BT 1000 - Slave ship Nomad gives birth to the barbarians of Corone, and the civilization that will ultimately be known as Coronians.

~BT 800 - Settlers from Alerar arrive and strike an accord with the barbarians. The two sides enter into a peace treaty which rules the lands for hundreds of years until the Demon War (CP 624).

~BT 700 - Dwarves and humans build Teria, their great capitol city, on the banks of the Niema river. Elves build Conileth, a town in the middle of the Concordia forest that is to become Underwood.

The Demon War - CP 620 - CP 830

CP 624 - Teria is first to fall to the Demon army. The army slowly advances throughout rest of the region.

CP 630 - Refugees seek shelter in the Forests of Concordia, but the Demon army sets the forests ablaze. The Dwarves open passages in the Comb Mountains, and offer shelter for refugees from both Conileth and Teria. The races live in dire conditions, and famine halves the population count of the dwarves and humans.

CP 830 - An elf by the name of Radasanth arrives from Raiaera to share news of the Demon Army defeat in the Elven lands. Radasanth leads the remaining forces of the refugees to take back the town of Teria and overthrow the demons ruling Corone.

The Rise of Radasanth - CP 830 - CP 850

CP 837 - Radasanth is named the first Steward of Corone, the first solitary authority figure in Corone history.

CP 840 to 850 - Teria is rebuilt and renamed Radasanth in honor of the hero who liberated the Coronians from the caves.

The Rise of the Citadel - CP 880 - CP 1200

CP 850 to 880 - Radasanth returns home to Raiaera, leaving the governance with Theras Amuranis. Theras becomes nothing more than a puppet-head in attempts to appease everyone including the merchant syndicates.

CP 900 - The Citadel is constructed and begins operations, though no surviving texts or histories indicate how it was constructed due to the use of pre-Tap shattering magic.

Expansion to New Lands - CP 1240 - CP 1300

CP 1241 to CP 1301 - An expedition is dispatched to Salvar to re-establish trade routes, though in reality it was an attempt at invasion. The "expedition" forms the city of Tirel. The expedition is deemed a success, but shortly after the invasion is thwarted. Tirel is overthrown and turns to Salvic rule.

The Corone Uprising - CP 1301 - 1812

CP 1301 to CP 1800 - Coronian governance is split into five rulerships instead of a single monarchy. Each rulership is met with local resistance due to heavy opposition to how the rules were chosen (by the current monarch). Unrest lingers heavy among Coronians, and a revolution forms to overthrow the government. Mentions of an underground organization of merchants and royalty begin to appear referencing the Coalition.

CP 1805 - The Corone Empire is officially established in direct response to the uprising of the Coalition

CP 1810 - The Corone Rangers make a stand against the tyranny of the empire in the heart of the Concordian Forest, Underwood

CP 1812 - The Corone Empire responds by setting the Rangers refuge ablaze leaving nothing more than charcoaled rubble.

Current Events - CP 1815

The Corone Rangers have sought refuge in the Concordian Forest, and word has spread of possible attempts to rebuild Underwood as a show of defiance to the Corone Empire. The Rangers have also begun drawing resources, including personnel from the Coalition's ranks.

Current Year: 1815