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"Amatullah is a slender young lady with flowing locks of beautiful black hair. Her skin is a golden tan and her facial features have a soft and regal appearance. Gold-flecked brown eyes gaze out from under the cowl of her light tan cloak. Her full, soft lips are often pulled into a grim, but hopeful, smile."

"Artemis has opened up. He is friendlier in conversation and is more willing to be himself, the person he was before the incident with his father. After coming to terms with his past and meeting a few people in Knife's Edge who have become his good friends, things have begun to settle into a good flow."

"The former duchess or Eiskalt and former leader of the group P.A.L.E., Icebreaker is a half-elf born to Ashfall Icebreaker and Layla Rose. Now going under the identity of "Ayleth," Icebreaker has vowed to obliterate mercenary groups like the Order of the Crimson Hand single handedly. She is an underestimated, but none the less powerful, force waiting for her rising time."

"Cohen worships a divine entity he calls Ain Soph as a part of an ancient semi-monotheistic religious tradition among the Sinai, known as Canaan. This god-form is literally "nothing," and therefore encompasses more than any other god, goddess, demon, or angel, by Sinai reckoning."

"Coradan was once a Prima-Troubadour, the highest rank in the government of the Tama. Seven centuries ago, he, and his disciple Mordelain Saythrou, travelled to Althanas on a diplomatic assignment. Their objective was to discover and secure a location to construct a Webway, a link between one world, and the vortex between worlds, the Kalithrism."

"Elthas is a very proud of Elf. He has an exceedingly precise personality almost to the point of irritation. Elthas pays attention to detail, minor details that many would not spot. This attention to detail is borderline obsessive. An eccentric man, Elthas is a fellow of many unique tastes."

"Erissa is a proper elf, trained from birth in the ways of how one should behave herself. She can seem aloof at times, but she cares very much about those around her, and about lives in general. She is very unused to brashness or those who blurt what they think without thought."

"Ezekiel serves as a warrior of his tribe, in addition to his duties as a magician and glasswrite. He is above average in the use of swords, spears, and shields."

"Felicity Rhyolite (known as "Knopsnider" after immigrating to Corone) was a human/ neanderthal female born in an isolated mining town in Eiskalt. Due to her heritage, she was brutally discriminated against, and was eventually driven to immigrate to Corone at the age of seven with her father and cousin."

"Hendelminn learned to read sheet music before he learned to read scripts and spent most of his time riding the conductors coattails begging for lessons in the violin and other instruments. By the time he had hit the ripe age of 15 he could pick up any instrument and play it at a virtuoso level of skill."

"Hreark is a Lorespinner, a teller of tales. He holds great interest for any adventure, especially those which might involve particularly climactic battles. And among battles, everyone knows those between the forces of good and evil are the most climactic."

"Kalanit is a handsome young woman with a strong jaw and cheekbones. Her thick dark hair falls to between her shoulderblades. Her typical clothes consist of a midnight blue corset-laced strapless gown, over which she wears a black sleeveless leather jerkin, covering her bust and abdomen, and gorget. On her forearms, she wears midnight blue leather bracers, and her feet are protected by black leather knee-high boots."

"Korra and Sorish were best friends since they were young. They played together and had lots of fun. Her curious and enthusiastic natures had gotten them into a lot of trouble. However, if it wasn't for those qualities they wouldn't know trade speech that well. She wanted to see the world of the Kings Of Above for herself but didn't want to go up on land. Instead, she started to swim up towards the surface."

"Lorenor often saw things. Some of these things, were visions that were direct manifestations of N'Jal, the goddess he followed. According to All-Thayne history, N'Jal was trapped in a comet that was far from Althanas. But two events recently occurred, one, a certain comet struck near where Valinatal once stood. And two, Lorenor saw a vision of another life where he had gained power. Tremendous power."

Melaina is a half-siren thief who wanders the world as a traveling bard, pilfering pockets with the ease of singing a song. When the seas rise to her waist, her legs turn into the long tail of a shark, and she can outswim any land creature who dares to try and race her.

"Coral Complexion, Blue with Green in the cracks of his Coral Body, a 3' tall Coralian Crown. He wheres a white scaled hooded robe over his Blue and Green Coralian Armor. He is muscular without his robe and armor. His neck looks like his veins are popping out due to Roxi."

"An old war veteran who came to power following the previous Masterís Death at the hands of a ĎThievesí Guild attemptí on his life. Whilst the dagger did not strike deep enough, the poison on its tip sufficed to claim his soul in three days of agony, ended at last with the current Masterís own blade to the gullet."

"Hero, villian, conqueror. Telgradia's taglines for their prodigal son changed with the ages, but Shinsou Vaan Osiris has been through some changes himself since freeing himself of Temperance's control. Now a fugative from the forces of a world he once fought both for and against, Shinsou struggles to come to terms with his ambiguous existence. As a raging conflict with both his past and his present approaches, can Shinsou overcome the latent darkness inside of him and defeat Temperance and The Council of Five? Or will he revert to type and become a harbinger of chaos once again?"

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