Elthas Belthasar

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Out of Character:
Elthas is a very special character for me. I have written another Elf on a site called Valucre, but it wasn't as successful as I feel that Elthas might turn out. Elthas is sort of inspired by Boba Fett from Star Wars. I kinda wanted to try someone who doesn't kill very often, and is extremely professional. Elthas is a character who is very different from what I normally play insofar as characters go. I guess the closest literal interpretation of Elthas would be Boba Fett. Eventually, I may make Elthas entirely gadget based, but that's a possibility for down the road. Right now what I have planned is developing the ongoing history of the character so that he is more real and more enjoyable for me to rp on a long term basis. I have always wanted to try an Elf on Althanas and here is my chance, I hope that you guys enjoy the ride right along with me.

[top]Character Profile

Name: Elthas
Clan: Belthasar
Age: 200 (Appears late 20's) (New) 500 years of age (Appears in his late 30's)
Race: Concordian Elf
Hair Color: Green (New) Platinum coloured hair (Think: Sephiroth)
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 6'3"/191 cm's
Weight: 200 lbs/91 kg's
Job Class: Bounty Hunter (New) Bard/Blade Dancer
Affiliation: Elves of Ruild (Leader)
Power Group: None
Skin Tone: Light Brown
Birth Date: August 12th
Gender: Man
Blood Type: Elf
Zodiac: Leo

[top]Psychological Profile

Vice: Lust

Virtue: Justice

Alignment: (E) Evil (New) (LG) Lawful Good

Elthas is a very proud of Elf. He has an exceedingly precise personality almost to the point of irritation. Elthas pays attention to detail, minor details that many would not spot. This attention to detail is borderline obsessive. An eccentric man, Elthas is a fellow of many unique tastes. Elthas is known to savor the most minute aspects of many of life's vices. Everything from fine women to fine liquor, Elthas will decipher the flavour to appreciate the craftsmanship.

Elthas has the mind of an artist. With this detailed world-view, Elthas obsessively observes everything around him. Very rarely do details escape his sharp mind and his sharper eyes. Elthas will point out things that he finds out of place from tacky clothing to that strange piece of evidence overlooked by locale law enforcement. This personality quirk has made Elthas appear rude and inconsiderate to his peers. Elthas does not care.

He specializes in taking "dirty jobs." Instead of assisting the current Empirical regime that lurks in Corone, Elthas oft works for an organization known as The Syndicate. Elthas considers himself a "professional cleaner" and specializes in cleaning up the messes made by others. Elthas lives a life that is a gray one, neither black nor white. Elthas doesn't consider anything that he does to be purely evil, but rather necessary in the grand scheme of things.

Elthas has the obsessive qualities of an artist. In his spare time he paints and draws. Elthas has acquired some skill as an artist. His attention to detail has allowed him to master art quickly. In his community he has earned a positive reputation as a painter of some skill. Elthas uses all of his talents to chase targets that would be elusive or tricky to most. Elthas lives for the thrill of the chase, and the heart of the hunt.

[top]Physical Description

Appearance: Elthas is an Elf of average height. Traditionally, Elven folk are tall and lithe, and Elthas is no exception. However, Elthas is built slightly stockier than the typical Elf. Elthas' physique is that of a balance athlete. He has a lanky physique with long limbs. Elthas has light brown skin, glowing blue eyes, and no hair. He is completely bald. On his chin he has a slightly unkempt black goatee. Elthas's eyes are built narrow and slender. His eyebrows are very wild, and he has tribal tattoos upon his body that are painted purple. Elthas has the long, slender fingers of an artist. His nose is very slender, and his face structure is quite angular.

Attire: Elthas wears the traditional garb of a squire of his tribe. He wears an elegant leather vest that is coloured black. A no sleeved tanktop is usually worn beneath the vest. Elthas wears leather shoulder pads that are not suitable for armour, but rather, for fashion. They have elegant Elven markings upon them. At his elbow, Elthas wears plain cloth elbow guards and at his hands, he wears simple leather gloves. His pants are slightly baggy and decorated in the latest fashions worn by the Elven military. Boots commonly decorate his feet.

Elthas wears a cloak that is emblazoned with the battalion that he belongs to. The fabric is coloured red. Further accessories include a quiver of bolts for his crossbow, two scabbards for his primary weapons, and a backpack hidden 'neath his cloak. He wears a simple belt. The symbol is elegant.

Furthermore, Elthas has started wearing fancy suits even in battle. The suits have different cuts and quality every time, but they are typically popular Radasanth urban styles. Elthas doesn't like wearing the traditional garb of his people at this time.


Like most of Althanas' Elven-folk, the folk of Ruild (Concordia Forest) were a sturdy, tenacious lot. Elthas Belthasar grew up during the roaring time period in Corone post-Empirical take over. Street gangs, feuds between rival organizations, and anti-government propaganda were the norm. The soldiers of the empire were given free reign to exterminate or other wise do away of the viceroy's enemies. The angst of an entire generation of people were quietly subdued. During this turbulent time period, the alliances of old were destroyed by the viceroys. Corone became a paranoid, isolated kingdom at war with it's own heart and soul.

Elthas Belthasar saw the collapse of Radasanth with his own eyes. No more Heroes came out of that once great capital city. The age of villains had fallen upon Corone.

Elthas Belthasar was a typical Elven youth. His people lived within an Elven city that lurked deep in Ruild. Elthas's tribe was neatly divided into several large clans that consisted of High Elves and Hybrids. In Elven society, rank and blood-line meant everything. Elthas was fortunate enough to be bourne of pure-blood. Both of his parents were Elves, one of them of significant standing within Elven society. Elthas was raised in a particularly strict household and learned the customs of his people at an early age. Many of his customs were concepts of honour and justice. Concepts that seemed lost to the folk of Ruild. Radasanth had become a rotten piece of ambrosia, an empty shell of it's former self.

The Corruption of Radasanth began to reflect a growing corruption occurring within the Elven communities. Diplomats reaching out to Radasanth were turned away and sent back to Ruild. The old Alliances between Elf and Men that existed since the Demon Wars of antiquity were destroyed. The society of Elves became fearful and world-weary of the silver-tongues of men. When the Corone Rangers reached out for assistance from the Elves of Ruild, they were rejected. Human politics were not the politics of Elves.

Just as Radasanth had become increasingly isolationist as it prepared for war against all enemies, the kingdom of the Elves became equally isolationist.

Elthas, and many of the youth of the clans did not share the beliefs of their elders. Elthas grew up wanting to respect the allegiances of old. Elthas joined the Elven military academy at an early aged and trained with the finest Elven warriors that the generation had produced. Elthas excelled in his intellectual studies, as well as his combat technique. He quickly developed a love for art and poetry. Elthas ventured to Underwood as soon as he earned the title of Squire and could travel out on his own.

It was during his stay in Underwood that Elthas really got to see how bad things had gotten in Corone. One night in question, Elthas was out on a stroll when a gang of ruffians had stormed a Human gentlemen of elderly appearance. A fight quickly erupted. Elthas was accompanied by a squad of fellow military cadets when the fight occurred. Pleading with his fellows to assist the gentleman, Elthas's request was denied. Deciding to act on his own, Elthas turned a blind eye to rank and moved to assist the elderly man on his own. By the time Elthas had arrived, the old man was already dying.

Elthas managed to scare off the unprepared ruffians, and they fled but not until after they had gotten what they wanted. Not realizing what he had stumbled upon, Elthas assisted the old man. The old man revealed to Elthas that he was a powerful member of an organization in Corone called The Syndicate. Elthas had oft heard of the organization. With his dying breath, the old man decreed to Elthas that he take his body to a Syndicate safe house that he was heading to. Elthas complied. And that set off a series of events that would forever shape the destiny of the young cadet.

[top]Skill Sheet

Fighting Style 1: Marksman: Elthas was trained through a rigorous Elven military career. He earned the title of Squire. Elthas learned the Elven martial tactics of Ranged Combat. Studying with a longbow for much of his earlier education, Elthas had a knack for the art. During his military training, Elthas excelled in his studies and earned a Masterwork Crossbow for his talents. Elthas quickly favored the weapon's potential for mayhem and destruction over a traditional longbow. During his military training, Elthas earned Above Average skill level with this martial tactic.

Fighting Style 2: Knife Expert: Elthas was trained through a rigorous Elven military career. He earned the title of Squire. Elthas learned the Elven martial tactics of Knife Combat. Elthas has the capacity of Dual-Wielding a pair of Knives or other small blades. Elthas also knows how to properly and accurately Throw the small blades so that they can potentially hit their mark. Elthas is quick with his hands. Elthas hasAbove Average skill level with this martial tactic.

(Aesthetic Skill)Artist/Poet/Linguistics: Due to Elthas's high intellect, Elthas had acquired a taste for the finer things in life. Elthas is a Professional Artist who is an Expert with both painting and sculpted forms. Elthas uses arts in the tradition of Coronian Elves. Elthas is very intelligent, and quickly learns things. He has obtained a silver-tongue and has learned the arts of poetry and linguistics. Of these, Elthas is an Expert in the tongues of Men, Elves, Corone Dwarves, and many other languages.

(~New Stuff~)

(School: Elven Genetics)

~Reflexes and Speed

(Fleet Footed) Elthas now has ~SKILLED~ Reflexes and Speed. He has acquired 3.0x's the reflex capacity and speed of an ABOVE AVERAGE Althanian Human. Elthas is capable of reacting TO movements and actions immediately done on him. Furthermore, he is has quick hands and can maneuver items skillfully with both hands. With his reaction time, Elthas seems to move as a blur now once he is reacting to something. Can be applied to his counter striking stance. On land, Elthas can run effectively at 50 M.P.H.'s. Further, Elthas can now SWIM at an impressive 20 M.P.H.'s before he gets winded. (Rank 3/10)

~Elven Senses. (Acuteness/Accuracy) Elthas now has ~ABOVE AVERAGE~ Senses. He has a dedicated senses sphere of about ten feet immediately around him, then outside of the sphere takes considerable concentration for Elthas to detect things. He doesn't have any supernatural senses, but he has acute senses. Sharp hearing, keen sense of smell, etc. (Rank 3/10)

(School: Bard School)

~(Bard) Horn of Inspiration. (New. Note I am attempting to get this new ability all together in exchange for the stuff I am taking out of my character. This will play into Elthas's evolution as a Bard.) Elthas has recently acquired the desire to develop his musical ability. After a brief but sweet encounter with the Orc named Otto, Elthas thought to pursue the arts of his people. Spell Singing. With his horn, Elven quality of make but with basic tier 1 materials for the horn, Elthas can use the musical capacity to Inspire others. Within a party of adventurers, Elthas can blow his horn for a turn or two. Within the duration of the turn period, Elthas will Inspire the people around him to continue to battle. It can temporarily ease suffering, and temporarily ease the effects of fatigue. (Think: Horn of Gondor/LOTR) The effect is still weak and only will last for approximately a turn or two, but it is effective as a Support Buff. Elthas cannot take any other actions while he is using the horn. (Buffing/Support Move) (Rank 1/10)

~(Bard) Song of Power. (New) Developing his singing skills, Elthas can now sing with the skill of a Soprano. Having developed his artistic/singing abilities over the course of many years Elthas has achieved one song of power so far. He has acquired ~BASIC~ skill with the use and application of the song. Once Elthas sings, he has to focus on his power on the song, he cannot take his concentration off the target of his song's effect. Once Elthas sings, the target is imbued with song power. In this fashion, Elthas may affect one friendly target at a time. When Elthas successfully sings, he can reinforce ONE positive effect of the target. For example, if the target has Super Strength, the song will boost the character's strength up to 2.5x's their normal capacity. The effect would be the same as an adrenal rush and is very temporary lasting only one or two turns, tops. Currently, the effects are seemingly random, but if Elthas focuses, he can boost up a specific power of his target. He can currently only sing to boost up ONE target at a time. (Rank 1/10)

[top]Ability Tree

Intellect: Most Elves are pretty smart. Elthas is no different as an Elf of pure blood. Elthas has 2.0 x's the intellectual capacity of the average Althanian Human. Elthas has double the learning rate capacity when attempting to learn new things. Elthas is currently a Genius.

Mute Stone (Item): This object is a family heirloom. It is a rare jewel inscribed with elder runes. It is an object that was once used against the magical powers of the elves, but they had since harnessed it's power for their own use. Elthas was given such an object when he became a Squire in his military training. The object is a small, unassuming stone that is actually Masterwork (Due to advanced Enchantments) in nature. The wielder is taught secret techniques that allow him or her to release the stone's power. Several symbols are present on any one such stone, but Elthas only knows the First Symbol.

Of this, Elthas has acquired a secret Mute Spell. Thrice a day, Elthas may conjure it's power in a battle situation or in a quest. If Elthas goes up against a Magi, Elthas has a chance to cast the power within the stone. When Spells are put into play on a combat field, Elthas may act. He can activate the power of the Mute Stone against one spell at a time. The Mute Stone's power allows the user to dispell a single, applicable Spell target at at time. The Mute Stone can only work against Spells equal to Elthas's level. The Mute Stone's First Symbol has a Cool-Down period of one hour before it can be used again. (Note: Use of Mute Stone versus Player spells require permission)

(Finisher) Ritual of Binding: As a Bounty Hunter working for The Syndicate, Elthas has learned one particularly strange Spell. Against one target that Elthas has defeated, Elthas may call a Binding. This binding, if successfully applied, produces a powerful capturing device. When applied, the device is then wrapped around the wrists and ankles. Due to the nature of the Spell, it produces a strange aura that attempts to cancel out the power of a captured target. If successful, the target cannot escape a Binding once it is applied. Thus, it is used as a finishing maneuver. The Binding power may only work on a target that has been defeated. It is applicable once per thread.

Elven Reflexes: Elthas has the blood of a pure Elf. One of the talents bestowed upon him due to his genetics is the supernatural grace, agility, and speed of his people. Elthas has Above Average Speed and Reflexes. He has 1.5x's the Reflex and Speed of the average Althanian Human. Elthas can run, on land, at about 30M.P.H.'s

Elven Senses: Elthas has the blood of a pure Elf. One of the talents bestowed upon him due to his genetics is the supernatural grace, is the Enhanced Senses of his people. Within line of sight, Elthas has Above Average Senses. This senses extends to roughly an influence of 6 Feet that includes sight, smell, and hearing. It should also be noted that Elthas has Infra-Vision (Heat Vision) he can access as needed.

(~New Stuff~)

~Fighting Style: (Level 1) Knife Expert. Elthas is now Skilled with dual wielding knives in combat, and furthermore, is Skilled in the use of throwing his knives.

(New! Level 4) Knife Expert. (Rank 4/10)

Elthas is now An ~EXPERT~ with the use and maintenance of combat daggers

(Level 3) Knife Expert. Elthas is now HIGHLY SKILLED with the use and maintenance of combat daggers. Further, he can now effectively string together attacks in the form of slashes and swipes. In this fashion, he can string together effectively 2-3 basic slash attacks. If an entire combo connects, it can form up to MODERATE damage. Combos require timing to execute in this fashion.

New-(Skilled Stance) Piercing Talons. Elthas can effectively execute a skilled Knife user's stance. This stance, called Piercing Talons, is a basic addition to Elthas's combat style. He can basically raise his own natural stamina and ability to take incoming attacks with this stance. Further, he can move with an increase skill of grace and natural agility. With this stance activated, (Stackable ONE TIME PER USE) Elthas receives some bonuses. Endurance is increased by 1.5x's. Agility is increased by 2.0x's. This effect augments Elthas's natural agility. The increase lasts for approximately one IC minute. Once the stance has been used, Elthas has to wait a cool down period of two minutes IC to use again. (Rank 1/10)

New~Scorpion Sting Stance. Elthas can effectively execute a skilled Knife user's stance. This stance, called Scorpion Sting, is an addition to Elthas's combat style. The stance itself does not raise ANY of Elthas's stats, BUT, the trade off is important. In this stance, Elthas has the concentration of a deadly scorpion, his counter striking capacity increases two-fold. With his knowledge of combat styles increasing, Elthas can use this combat stance to effectively counter most physical attacks. The attacks MUST be physical. He cannot currently counter magical effects in this stance. Note, even in this stance, a potent counter attack would still be an attempt. It is always up to an opponent to take any hit or not, and this stance does NOT guarantee a hit. It only activates a counter attack that any opponent could then counter/counter or evade or whatever. It would be totally up to Elthas's opponent to accept the counter strike. Elthas cannot counter physical attacks of opponents in a considerably higher skill bracket in this fashion. (Rank 1/10)

Note: Only one stance may be active at one time.

*(Aesthetic Skill)Artist/Poet/Linguistics: Due to Elthas's high intellect, Elthas had acquired a taste for the finer things in life. Elthas is a Professional Artist who is an Expert with both painting and sculpted forms. Elthas uses arts in the tradition of Coronian Elves. Elthas is very intelligent, and quickly learns things. He has obtained a silver-tongue and has learned the arts of poetry and linguistics. Of these, Elthas is an Expert in the tongues of Men, Elves, Corone Dwarves, and many other languages. (No Changes from level 0.)

(Level 3 New!!!) Gathering & Crafting. Elthas can gather basic materials from the wild. He can easily mine ore, hunt for leather, and cut wood for lumber as needed. Further he has rudimentary knowledge necessary to work the materials he gathers. He can use these materials in BASIC Blacksmithing, Cooking, and Alchemy skills and any other crafting skill necessary to make ends meet. Elthas is a hard worker. Further, Elthas is now a MASTER Artist. With some effort, he can Sculpt and paint things with the best of them. Some of Elthas's paintings and sculptures are famous in Art Galleries all over Radasanth. (Rank 4/10)


(Level 4 New!!!) Bard Skills. Elthas has started to develop some Bard skills and prowess. He has learned two songs of bards so far. Otto has inspired him to learn his craft and master it. So he is now a Bard as well as his other artistic skills. Also, Elthas can easily craft artistic items now given time, preparation and inspiration. He can paint, draw, write, and sculpt. Some of his art is exhibited in Radasanth art galleries and sells for a premium. It is one of the ways that Elthas bolsters his income. When Elthas is not working for The Trading Company, he can be found using one of many artistic attributes. (Rank 1/10)

[top]Equipment Sheet

Masterwork Crossbow: An elegant Elven make Crossbow. The components are oak and bronze.
Quiver with 20 iron-tipped bolts: Simple bolts that are equipped with rings at one end of the shaft. The bolt-tips are fashioned in such a way to increase damage from piercing. The bolts may be reused of they are recovered from targets.

Pair (2x's) masterwork steel daggers: A pair of elegant daggers that serve as Elthas's primary weapons. There are Elven symbols engraved upon both blades. They come with scabbards that are worn at the hips.

Mute Stone (Artifact explained in Abilities): A mysterious Elven artifact. The Mute Stone has several magical Runes inscribed upon it. It cannot be sold.

~New Stuff~

Elyssia Locket/Mother's Locket

Enchanted Delyn Daggers (2x's)

Steel Longsword.

Gauntlets made of Leather and Iron. (2x's)

Small Music Box made by Otto.

[top]Thread Collection

~Old Gods and New Streets~ (Notice: This is now complete. I scored a 40/100, not bad and I can do better than that!!!)

~Queen's Horses~ (Complete! 39/100)

~The Syndicate Files~ (Complete! 48/100)

~The Waking Dreams (Solo)~ (Complete! 45/100)

~Street Urchins~ (Complete! 40/100)

~The Terrentius Estate~ (Complete! 39/100!)

~Red Six~ (Complete! 49/100)

~Level 4~

~Level 3~

~Level 2~

~Level 1~

[top]Prominent NPC's

~Halm Belthasar (Father/Dead)

~Ellysia Belthasar (Mother/Dead)

~Drathis Belthasar (Brother/Alive/Formerly Jyn Belthasar)

~Theo Terrentius (Enemy/At Large)

~Seth Terrentius (Ally/Dead)

~Hylda Terrentius (Mate/Dead)

[top]About Pavel Vargas

I recall a long time ago, when Tony first asked me to join Althanas. Althanas was still the old Interactive Village and I had no idea what private forum roleplaying was at the time. Either way, I kept refusing Tony at first. Finally, I found out that Ayenee (The place most of us oldbies used to roleplay on.) was finally shut down. When that happened, I still needed to nourish my rp bug. So finally, I accepted Tony's invite to join The Interactive World as it was known then. It moved up from The old IV to the new IW and never stopped changing for the better. I've been on and off Althanas for the ongoing history of it for a majority of it's many chapters and incarnation. (Including the infamous "Bluethanas") I have been rping for a long time now. Since High School. (That seems like ages ago for me now.) I've rped everything from AD&D to Aeon Trinity. I'm a classic rp addict :D . I will probably continue to enjoy rp until I am old and gray and can no longer write or something. Either way it goes, I am here to stay. I have enjoyed the site and it's community for the better part of my life and I will continue to do so. I hope to someday put my kids on to Althanas and watch them start up as newbies and work their way to becoming famous members as well.

I spend much of my time on a day to day basis drawing or writing.

I live in New York City.

I play lots of role playing games. (Yes, including Pokemon on my 3DS and WoW)

I am trying to become a professional artist.

I live with my mom.

I am Hispanic.

I once met Boris (SirArtemis) and Maxwell (Orphans/Azza). They are both cool guys and fiercely intelligent.

I am a Republican.

I am also a Wiccan :D and I can read a mean hand of Tarot Cards.

[top]~Elthas Artwork~

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