The world of Althanas is a varied place, full of many different races and locations.

Map Compendium

This is a collection of maps of various regions in Althanas that have been drawn over the years.

Formerly a backwater colony sitting in the eastern sears, Scara Brae is now a small but thriving country. It serves as the gateway to the frontier for sailors and explorers, and its surrounding reefs form a haven for sea monsters, merfolk, and dread pirates.

"Salvar, known for its blizzards, frozen wastes, jagged mountains, and powerful church, is the northernmost region of Althanas. Stretching across the harsh and frigid northlands, this vast, mighty kingdom still reels from years of civil war between its Church and State..."

"Alerar is a vast region occupying the central inland and western coast of the Althanas mainland. Like Raiaera to the east, this land was originally populated by Human and Dwarven clans, but then settled by a group of dissident Elves who made a mass exodus from a once united Raiaera over an ideological split between the use of magic and technology..."

"Raiaera is the subcontinental peninsula on the eastern coast of the northern continent of Althanas. Originally populated by indigenous human and dwarven clans, the lands were settled over ten thousand years ago by elven refugees fleeing a great catastrophe in their homeland further to the east."

"Corone, an island republic to the southeast of the mainland, is known for its mild climate, bustling harbors, and diverse inhabitants. Though largely a human nation (at about 50% of the population), many other races call the island home, such as High Elves, smatterings of Dark Elves, Dwarves, and even Orcs, and countless citizens of mixed blood."

"One of the most mysterious regions of Althanas, Fallien is a desert country with a matriarchal government and strangely xenophobic citizens. Throughout the region are different trades which can be found nowhere else in Althanas. Currently, Fallien has recovered from a state of upheaval due to the recent uprising of the Cult of Mitra and the Harpies."

Far to the east, on a continent of misty peaks and lush, tropical valleys lies Dheathain. It is a vast, mostly unexplored region filled with jungles webbed with rivers and crawling with danger. Often called the "Birthplace of Dragons", only the powerful Drakeling civilization remains of them. Other mysterious races exist here as well, including the reclusive Fae. While often distrustful of outsiders, many bold adventures have won the respect of the land's strange and powerful inhabitants.

Eiskalt is a snowy country close to Salvar. Eiskalt is most famous for its geographic location and vast, unique properties. It has served the perfect isolation for the bottleneck effect for unique life and is a treasure trove for mining. The country is currently in chaos. A civil war is on between two political parties: one for a monarchy and the other for a republic. Whatever is left of the country from the Eiskalt War is in desperation.

Once a wonderful bustling yet mysterious paradise, Istraloth is now a completely uncharted and neglected place that seems to be lost in time. Completely isolated, the world of Althanas has completely forgotten about Istralothís existence and an adventurer would be hard pressed to find somebody who knew anything about it- save long retired adventurers long past their prime. The young sea-faring continent hides in the South of the Althanas Ocean, surrounded by an eternal storm that never ceases to rage. Few captains reside in Dheathain but those who do know of the unceasing weather and avoid it entirely.


[top]Dragon's Folly

Dragonís Folly is a valley set within the Mountains of Dawn between Alerar and Raiaera. The valley is the final site of a battle between the Alerar airforce and mercenary forces on one side and a dragon on the other. Seven airships with Elven and foreign crew engaged the battle, only three survived the battle.

[top] Haide (Tular Plains)

Haidia, also known as Tular Plains, is the home of demons. While most would view it as a place filled with fire and brimstone, it is actually just a giant field with a few forests here and there. While its main population is demons, it also houses some dwarves as well as other sentient species.

[top]Peregrine Reach

Peregrine Reach is a sprawling expanse of tundra, bluffs, and clefted ridges in northern Salvar. It stretches north and east of Archen into the southernmost quarter of the Sulgoran Steppes and historically was the site of constant incursions from Skavian marauders seeking a foothold in Salvar.

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